Tuesday, May 20, 2008

England's Problem Wife

Pic courtesy Theo

Martin Kelly leaps into print again with a timely reminder on an LPW:

The recent brouhaha concerning concerning Cherie Blair's memoirs places the lady quite firmly in that dubious historical category marked 'Leaders' Problem Wives'.

Some LPW's, such as Marie-Antoinette, achieve the status by being at best misunderstood by, or at worst indifferent to, the people. The late Queen of the French was never guilty of being the bloodthirsty incestuous lesbian she was widely thought to be; other LPW's like, say, Winnie Mandela and Madame Mao, might have a slightly harder time beating their respective historical raps.

Mrs. Blair joins the club for no other reason than that she has thought herself and her doings to be of some interest. Whether this has been motivated by vanity, or just the simple character fault, common amongst lawyers, of not knowing when not to talk, is anyone's guess; and it seems to have been a gross mistake against taste and good sense.

However, the apparent peculation and lack of discretion she has broadcast at the top of her voice, from a mouth as wide as the Mersey, show her to be not unlike the LPW she succeeded as the New Girl in the Club.

That was Hillary Rodham Clinton. Just a thought...


  1. Thanks, Martin but when are you going to do the Chipmunk?

  2. I suspect someone has offered her an irresistible sackload of money. We'd probably all fall for that.

  3. "England's Problem Wife"


    For one horrible moment I thought this was going to be about Scotland...

  4. I'm sure even her father... professional socialist scouse git and soft porn star, Tony Booth... is ashamed of her.

  5. Well I dare say, the majority of people may not like her but you can safely say there are those that do and a lot of those who point the finger have probably done things just as bad, just haven't had it publicised.

  6. Have to smile at the angle everyone is coming from.

  7. It's at times like this when I wish my blog had a different name!!!


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