Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Obscure Vacation Spot

So, looking for a good place to get away? Yet you don't want to go where everyone else goes. Well, how does camping sound to you? No, I don't mean camping out in the woods. How about camping on the beach?

You are looking at Perdido Key, which is located south of Florida.  I went there for Spring Break freshman year of college.  That's an ├╝ber-zoomed in view, as the key is much longer (with buildings).  It's run by the National Park Service, interestingly enough.  We only stayed a day because it was too windy to keep our tent up (we really didn't know what we were doing).  Having said that, this place is paradise.  Nobody, and I mean, nobody was in our view (with the exception of an old couple whom we passed on the road in).  Look at these photos and decide for yourselves.

If I remember correctly, the cost for a pass is only $6.  Therefore, it's extremely reasonable!  Also, Perdido Key is literally right across the straight from Panama City, so you can drive there to get anything you might need or want.  In short, it's the ideal (in my opinion) and undiscovered vacation spot.  So, think about it next time (instead of Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Fort Lauderdale, etc.).  


  1. It's always worth having a recommendation, but beaches can get boring. Are there sharks in the ocean?

    Have a happy new year James, and catch up with you next year!!!

  2. What a great looking place Matt!

    Could I just leave a message for James, hoping all is well and wishing him a Happy and Healthy New Year.


  3. Lovely white beaches. Can we look for you there?

  4. Possibly! You never know... :-)

  5. Get me on the next plane, Matt. I promise I shan't even look at Cabo San Lucas.


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