Thursday, October 11, 2007

[service transformation] initial ferreting on this and other matters

Service Transformation

HM Treasury states the rationale behind the Service Transformation in the UK. Excerpts:

2.10 The first progress measure will track how much contact between government and citizens is "avoidable".

3.3.4 The types of transformation covered by this Agreement will simply not be possible unless the public sector can establish the identity of the customer it is dealing with simply and with certainty, and be able to pass relevant information between different parts of government.

DSTP-A.39 The virtual court prototype is very exciting in terms of its potential to deliver speedy justice by shortening the process from arrest to charge to sentence.

Common Purpose's common purpose

Common Purpose programmes produce people who lead beyond their authority and can produce change beyond their direct circle of control.

Hansard Written answers re Common Purpose

Thursday, 26 July 2007: Work and Pensions: Departments: Common Purpose

Philip Davies (Shipley, Conservative) | Hansard source

To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions how much his Department paid to Common Purpose in each of the last five years; for what purpose; and what the outcome of the expenditure was.

Anne McGuire (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Work and Pensions) | Hansard source

A number of DWP senior managers have attended leadership courses run by Common Purpose in the last five years. The total expenditure for each of the last five years is listed in the following table. The courses have helped improve leadership skills. Given the nature of these courses, they have also helped foster valuable partnerships in the local community which can be used to improve the service offered to our customers.

Total Spend











Did Anne McGuire satisfactorily answer the question?


  1. From another blog. Is this a help?

    Fabian Society, a Marxist think tank (Google “Toynbee 1930s” ) and all sorts of other crap.

    Offspring from Fabian is Demos, another Marxist think tank, UK govt funded. Registered charity under UK law, head man Geof Mulgan, an out and out Marxist. Mulgan connected EVERYWHERE GLOBALLY, lecturing at Govt level in Aussie, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, etc, etc, currently targeting US democrats!

    Zimbabwe is Marxist, - current White Farm Land Grab, etc, etc. Millions starving.

    Mulgan very active in South Africa. Now South Africa proposing eviction of white farmers. Summer 2008 deadline for agreements, etc.
    Google “South Africa, white farms, dispute”, etc, you know how.
    Future more millions starving in S A >open to Marxist control.
    Mulgan, the man is pure evil.

    Demos, - on board of trustees is Julia Middleton. Also, until recently a member of the “Office of the Deputy Prime Minister” (ODPM) selection committee for all senior civil service appointments. She is a Marxist. Controlling Govt cash going to Marxist think tanks.
    She is also the founder and director of COMMON PURPOSE, a registered charity, government funded (illegal under current laws) via Demos.
    This registered charity, effectively controlled from the ODPM, has offices in all the headquarters of the New Regional assemblies (see previous post) that become operational when everything is signed, etc (see previous post).
    Common Purpose run training courses (using brain washing, and other techniques) for Govt “Marxist placements” in these self same new regional assemblies, in offices supplied by these agencies for such purposes.
    Influential industrial/commercial “managers” are also seconded.
    Don’t place too much credence on wikipedia for these organisations or individuals. They are actively self monitoring/editing, best to rely on google CACHE.
    Individuals/blogs that visit these organisations/names are subject to frequent hacking/lost data/site take-downs, etc.
    This socialist marxist government through ODPM have undermined every democratic institution achieved through 1000yrs of development since 1089.
    Blair involvement in Iraq has been a monstrous smoke screen to divert attention.
    Follow links from blog recommended on previous post, you will find some amazing stuff.
    Also visit
    Google holds a few films of presentations by Brian Gerrish.
    He was the first to discover/publicise the existence of Common Purpose.
    Look here, many links

    and here

    Now do a few more cities.
    Is that "hard data"?

    And don't forget, CP is a charity, IN UK GOVT OFFICES.

    "Yorkshire Forward" operates from the ODPM and assists in the Economic regeneration.....Take a look at it.
    Then take a look at
    These links
    If you look at the first blog link at the top of the search page, (PC blogs)and go to the comments, you will find PDF links that prove a left wing subversion of the police force via the Stephen Lawrence Report, and the Mcpherson report, by Civi, READ IT to understand difficult concepts.There are several telling comment on that PCBloggs page!
    Then look at other search results. Offices in Sheffield, etc.
    Is that "hard Evidence"?

    Well, there's a few more leads towards a total picture.
    The Police thing is very important, and explains a lot.

  2. I suspect that Malloch-Brown appointment to aid Foreign Sec Milipede, and Mulgan relationship with Milipede (given milipedes previous position, and book endorsements would you believe?)will serve as an introduction of Mulgan to George Soros.
    Malloch Brown rented an apartment from Soros in USA, at well below market rates, and was appointed head honcho to a soros fund.
    Malloch- Brown sits on ministerial meeting by the back door, - not elected, but knighted! and $m, maybe even $bn went missing on his watch(UN).
    Google the names, and all is revealed.
    If my suspicions are founded, it is a bad combination.
    I believe Milipede was recently in Turkey, asking for more immigrants, but thats only a belief at this point.
    Hard facts, or soft facts, coincidences, or probables??

  3. Either way, soros gets inside info on UK gov thinking/moves.
    That should generate profits for Soros investors don't you think?

  4. Is Malloch Brown exempt from declaration of interests given his "non-elected"position?

  5. Perhaps Philip Davies should be asking further complimentary questions along the lines of:

    What exactly is the nature of these courses, and can course materials be placed in the House Library.

    Details of the partnerships established as a result of these courses, the cost to the taxpayer and the services offered through these partnerships.

  6. James- your anonymous commenter has missed a trick- neither Demos or the Fabians are or have ever been Marxist. Nor is there any connection between Mulgan and the South African government's policies- we don't know Mulgan's position on that but just because he has talked to the south Africans doesn't mean he is in favour of Mugabe.

    I agree with your last commenter the key is what was done at these meetings. If it was useful, all to the good, if not then not. Sounds to me like it was typical leadership training like that provided say by a management consultant- I'm not sure how effective it is but it isn't sinister.

  7. gracchi.
    clean your glasses and look again!
    It's the intent you fool.

  8. and intent seems to be indictable under current laws!

  9. gracchi.
    Common Purpose operates under Chatham House rules.
    Non disclosure, deny content of meetings/relationships/intent, etc, etc.

    A secret society of graduates, - at various levels.

    Masons were/are excoriated for such!

    But OK for training future EU admin.

    Par for the course tho' (pun intended)

    Tells a story, don't you think?

    If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, tastes like a fish, works like a fish, reacts like a fish....................

    For fucks sake man wake up!!!!!!!!

  10. I'm trying my darndest to set myself at a distance from what I know and not bring my knowledge of these Bavarian beasts, for example, into it. Just look at the data as they stand.

    I see an organization, CP, which if it was transparent, wouldn't keep shifting and rewriting its site, wouldn't talk in doublespeak about its "beyond authority" and a multitude of other Blairisms, in fact, wouldn't speak the way they are.

    I know training organizations, being in the field myself and there is academicspeak which can be just as bad but this is something more. It's also tied in with the ODPM and that's not good, given the policy coming out of there.

    I keep harping back to the direct questions of Blair and Brown regarding their participation at the Bilderberg Conferences and their direct lies that they didn't whereas they are listed on the guest list quite clearly.

    The thing with CP is that there are things I know but can't mention and then there is what I can mention. Just on their funding sources and list of graduates alone there is cause for concern, even if they were entirely innocent.

    European money is clearly coming into them and British and there is a clear desire for it to prosper. Again, you can put an innocent construction on this but not in the light of other things known.

    Then there is the agenda. Local regions bolstered up with CP grads once the regional asemblies lapsed. The RAs, ID card stuff and so on were clearly "tryouts" to test the waters and Brown's non-election might fall into that category.

    The thing is, it will be known within the next few years but the problem is that by then the infrastructure is in place and nothing can be done.

    Let's put it another way. I've seen nothing in EU moves for their Constitution and striving for official legitimacy [which is a puzzle as opposed to their lack of accountability to their auditors]to counteract the suggestions which have been made that this organization is dangerously placing members in key positions in the community.

    Our recent prospective member, once I read his organizations membership profiles, fell very much into that category as well.

    There is something going down all right and we have to be alive to it to pick up any snippets as we ferret round.

  11. James, or whatevername (smile),
    I have read your HAARP, et al notes.
    I had expected more.
    This is not to criticize, given your position, but.
    1)Comments by qualified independent professionals on possible intent.
    2)Comments by qualified independent professionals on possible scenarios resulting from tests/bangs, etc.
    3)Speculation by qualified etc... on future tests, and directions of strategy.
    Spring to mind.
    Can these be obtained.

    The investigation you seem to be embarking on is vast.
    It spans many years, involved dozens of, to say the least, nebulous "bodies", who seek to keep their objectives "Vague"., and peopled by driven characters, who knowing their intent, seek to disguise their true intent/relationships, and seem to speak in coded words, that appear bland/ambiguous/nondescript, and at times, total gobbledygook.
    Thus, formal questions seeking to delineate their courses/content/objectives/relationships, etc, will not necessarily yield intelligible answers.

    The depth of corruption and illegality, perpetrated on the watch of the current executive is, well, unbelievable. Mentioned has been the relationship of a registered charity resident in govt premises!, funded circuitously from ODPM!, only dealing with training courses for elites! (public schools - charities condemned and threatened for such) with extremely large and dubious start-up money!
    Now THERE ALONE is a prima-facie conspiracy.
    An ongoing conspiracy is the relationship between CP and its operating graduates.

    Until signatures of ratification are delivered, I believe all the new Regional Assemblies have no basis in law. They are illegal assembles.A high proportion of our taxes and Council Taxes, are currently funding these illegal bodies, and the staff positions that have no legal basis for existence.

    I can only speculate on the "Cash for honours" vanishing down the crapper, but given the CP penetration of police hierarchies and CPS, et al , I believe my speculations to be founded!
    That question seems to be raising its head again in the Lords.
    Someone knows!

    Whether you choose to examine only smaller parts of the whole, is your choice, but I will say that such a choice will detract exponentially (if thats math. possible) from the result.

  12. SPJH.
    Missed your last comment, typing mine.
    Please mentally adjust my last comment to take account of yours.
    All the best.
    Have a good Friday.

  13. "What you know but can't say".

    Internet cafe, no cctv,log-in or whatever, no outside cctv, anon post,wear gloves, link to later.

    Incidentally, and mostly for other commenters, since you probably know,
    This is a startpoint for world gov.reading. Semi old, but still ok

  14. "Bavarian Beasts".
    Now that IS appropriate!

    You should talk to Brian Gerrish.
    Mobile in UK is 07841464187, published on his website, so ok.

    Be aware, probably monitored.

    He has walked your proposed path for a long time.

  15. My comment is now a post, two further on from here.

  16. It may not be sinister but it seems to me an absurd waste of money. I've seen all these bandwagons come and go.


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