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[common purpose] rhetoric of the quisling

You are the Chosen, the voice of the New Age, the Leader of the Future. The Rules are not for such as you...

Though not directly concerning our North American and Antipodaean friends, this actually does concern them very much because they are very much part of the thrust for:

Common Purpose

And what exactly is this common purpose? They state it themselves:

Leading beyond Authority

As Ian Parker-Joseph says:

It began in the UK in 1988, where it has some 45 offices, but has now taken its sun symbol logo into many countries as Common Purpose International.

The real issue is the craziness coming out of Bavaria, Zurich, Paris and New York, not to mention London.

Very easy to spot - diffuse light blues blending into diffuse yellows in their headers, sun symbols, meaningless drivel as taglines, e.g. securing the future today and other balderdash like that. Their pages are slick and businesslike and they use feelgood terminology about "bringing people together" and so on. Second Life, the U.N. and Common Purpose are examples.

On the surface, it's all about management, leadership and the new technological revolution but the rhetoric behind it is exactly the same which Agatha Christie wrote of in N or M [Dodd, Mead & Co., 1941]. It's the same old story - pinpointing likely people in positions of authority or who are likely to be, tweaking their egos by associating them with snippets of the elite which controls the government of the nations, how they'll be part of the crack leadership group sweeping away mismanagement and inefficiency and so on and so on.

An example of one of these Brave New Worlders:

Common Purpose graduate Cressida Dick issued the 'shoot-to-kill' order to police officers that led to an innocent Brazilian electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes [being shot].

It is eugenics and Nietzsche and Zarathustra and things the average pub drinker knows next to nothing of. But I know of it because I was once a possible bright light in the firmament until I showed myself to be "unfit" for purpose and I'm proud of it. But my ego's still there for all to see.

Do read the whole post and follow the links if you were still in any doubt of the common purpose for which this group is simply one small tentacle.

That's the end of this post but there is the text from N or M, by Agatha Christie, Chapter 14:

Do believe me when I say I really admire both you and your husband immensely. You've got grit and pluck. It's people like you who will be needed in the new State — the State that will arise in this country when your present imbecile Government is vanquished. We want to turn some of our enemies into friends — those that are worth while.

Let me impress upon you what so few people in this country seem to understand. Our Leader does not intend to conquer this country in the sense that you all think. He aims at creating a new Britain — a Britain strong in its own power — ruled over, not by Germans, but by Englishmen. And the best type of Englishmen — Englishmen with brains and breeding and courage. A brave new world, as Shakespeare puts it.

We want to do away with muddle and inefficiency. With bribery and corruption. With self-seeking and money-grubbing — and in this new state we want people like you and your husband — brave and resourceful — enemies that that have been, friends to be. You would be surprised if you knew how many there are in this country, as in others, who have sympathy with and belief in our aims.

Among us all we will create a new Europe — a Europe of peace and progress. Try and see it that way — because, I assure you — it is that way...

His voice was compelling, magnetic.

Later, in Chapter 15, the investigating officer concludes:

Amongst them were two chief Constables, an Air Vice-Marshal, two Generals, the Head of an Armaments Works, a Cabinet Minister, many Police Superintendents, Commanders of Local Volunteer Defense Organizations, and various military and naval lesser fry, as well as members of our own Intelligence Force."

Tommy and Tuppence stared. "Incredible!" said the former.

Grant shook his head. "You do not know the force of the ... propaganda. It appeals to something in man, some desire or lust for power. These people were ready to betray their country not for money, but in a kind of megalomaniacal pride in what they, they themselves, were going to achieve for that country. In every land it has been the same. It is the Cult of Lucifer — Lucifer, Son of the Morning. Pride and a desire for personal glory!"

Anyone with any knowledge of the 5th Column in WWII would understand that the leopard might have changed its spots but the snarl is still the same.

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  1. I suppose there always have been networks of some kind, but you are hinting at something more clandestine. How and why were you approached? Is it anything to take very seriously, or are we getting lost in the wild forest of conspiracy theory?

  2. Weird. I thought you were a fan of SL? I'd like to know the answer to Sackerson's questions too.

  3. Sackerson, where is the theory in Common Purpose? It's an organization with offices. So no, conspiracy theory has no place on this site here.

    SL is a perfect example - just look at the nature of the avatars and the way you're paying hard cash for virtual property. Which hard-headed person does that? The answer is that it is not virtual in the least. I haven't run anything on them because of sensitivities in BP.

  4. Your Lordship: I have just done a quick google (they can't touch you for it) on CP (interesting initials, for historians). The BBC has an entry here:

    - saying it was last updated 14 April 2004, and inviting you to be the first to make a comment! Is it plausible that no-one has submitted a comment in 3 1/2 years?

    Reading this:

    - I get the feeling CP is run like a) Scientology and b) New Labour.

    Any info on the prime movers?

    Oh dear, am I getting paranoid?

  5. Just a comment on SL. My SIL is a scientist at Big Blue and they are working on the possibility of real stores in SL where you can order real stuff sent to you in RL as well as spending money on virtual property.

  6. The prime movers are out of Europe, from the four points referred to earlier plus Brussels but you, of course, were referring to specific names.

    Julia Middleton is the front [she was Prescott's girl] and it ties in with the ODPM and the Regional Assemblies. The Tavistock Institute is involved.

    David Cameron and Ken Clark are associated.

    It is committed to regionalism and preparing the way for the EU, as is also going on in the nations in Europe.

    Johann Buttinger, called "Matrix-Absolvent" is a member, which brings the bankers into it.

    They themselves claim:

    85 different programmes in over 70 locations across the world. Over 120000 leaders have been involved in our programmes.

    The prime movers are concealed and therefore it's all speculation but given there are fairly certain links between the Bruderheist and other EU moves, e.g. Merkel's army, it seems logical that the main thrust for this stuff is coming out of there and perhaps Paris.

    But the more I see the less the location seems relevant, e.g. Sutherland. Given the agenda, one needs to be stateless.

    Sorry to be so sketchy.

  7. Seems to be a lot of interest from at moment.

    Common Purpose have their own network.

    inetnum: -
    descr: Common Purpose
    country: GB
    admin-c: CTS6-RIPE
    tech-c: CTS6-RIPE
    status: ASSIGNED PA
    mnt-by: CENTRIC-MNT
    mnt-lower: CENTRIC-MNT
    mnt-routes: CENTRIC-MNT
    notify: **********
    changed: ********** 20030519

  8. i'm doing my bit to spread the word about Common Purpose over at my blog
    (video of the Brian Garrish presentation)

    there's a LOT of returns if you search for it on TheyWorkForYou. Questions are being asked in the Commons - and its cross departmental, including the MOD.
    They Work For You search

    Why is Julia Middleton such a leadership guru when she's never lead anything in her life , beyond running Common Purpose.

    Here's a video of her
    Note the mad , staring , psychotic EYES... very very weird. If somebody like that started speaking to me I'd run a mile. Instead , the government is going in the opposite direction , putting thousands of public service workers on Common Purpose "leadership" courses.

  9. Hey James,
    This setup tallies hand in glove with the kind of subversion I've been looking for. The way things are going there must be many more like this. Their codes are pretty obvious too, aren't they? CP indeed! And what else is subversion than 'beyond Authority' (the A word they hate so much). Also involved in parenthood (of course!). See here. I have already alerted the organization in question but I don't know if they have taken it to heart. Cheers, Cass.

  10. William Clark - The Tainted Word-2001

    Common Purpose works for the benefit of society as a whole...

    What a pack of lies. CP creates the illusion that it is for ordinary people, but it is not only run by an elite, its projects cater exclusively for an elite: "the rising generation of decision makers" as they say in their web site. This also states that: "We are looking for applicants who are decision-makers in their city, towns or area", and that "participants are over 30 and already hold a position of considerable responsibility". They say their long-term aim is "educating the next generation of leaders in each city or town". On this basis it is a fraudulent organisation.

    The illusion of independence from funders and government was abandoned with CP's biggest project, 'Citizen's Connection'. Tony Blair's old flat mate Lord Falconer's New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC) said that: "Camelot, NMEC and Common Purpose created...Citizens Connection."14
    But the legal position of the Camelot Group plc is that as the operator of the UK National Lottery it is supposed to be "not responsible for the allocation of funds raised". Except when it is.

    all the best Norman

  11. CP has around 40 offices around the UK. Supporting these offices are advisory groups made up of police officers, council execs, fire chiefs local big wigs etc. The names of these people were available on CPs web site but they pulled the names because the public were making hundreds of freedom of information requests.

    CP & BBC

    Olwyn Hocking, Head of Regional and Local Programmes, BBC
    Olwyn Hocking is Head of Regional and Local Programmes at the BBC and has put her directors and producers on Common Purpose's programmes. She explains why

    Working with very different kinds of people, who bring such different assumptions, who question different things and approach things in very different ways, has had an enormous broadening effect on our people, really stretching them.
    "We began to put BBC people through the programmes as soon as we came across Common Purpose, seeing the benefits both to the individuals and the BBC.

    If you come from the narrow world of broadcasting - perhaps have been at the BBC for some years - then Common Purpose can be very challenging, stimulating, even a bit shocking.

    Working with very different kinds of people, who bring such different assumptions, who question different things and approach things in very different ways, has had an enormous broadening effect on our people, really stretching them.

    If you work in a news department you are used to having only an hour to chase a story. Over the year, Common Purpose forces participants to deal with issues in depth.

    The other main thing is that our people learn such a lot about this area through the programme. The visits took them to places that they would just never have seen before - off their patch and subject. Our political producer went on Common Purpose and clearly he already had a very sophisticated understanding of the way decision-making works but he found it gave him a whole new range of perspectives and contacts and he loved it. As a result he became involved in an investigation into the criminal justice system relating to young offenders, led by another Common Purpose graduate. He also came back with new stories so the BBC has gained very directly as a result.

    Let me explain a little more about the benefit to our news gathering. In the media, we have to make judgments about news fairly rapidly and Common Purpose helps us to do this better by giving us a greater range of contacts, a greater awareness of how complex stories might be. It makes our journalism a bit more informed and intelligent, and our stories less of a media reaction.

    Of course, any journalist worth their salt should know a great deal about what's going on around them. But for a lot of us, it was in our earlier days that we spent time on the street, developing contacts and seeing things for ourselves. As you move through to be a producer, then an editor and a manager, you become more removed. You're still talking to people but you're not out there. Yet the world changes and you need refreshing. Common Purpose is a fantastic way to do it."


  12. Common Purpose & The New Media Trust. The New Media Trust is made has many interesting trustees including Baroness Helena Kenndy QC (Labour)- BBCs Robert Peston & ex Guardian journalist Al Scardino.

    The New Media Trust has the same address as Common Purpose.

    Acc to their web site -
    "We exist because we believe high standards of news and information are critical to the health of our democratic society .The Media Standards Trust is an independent, not-for-profit organisation which aims to find ways to foster high standards in news"

    The Board members are:

    Sir David Bell (Chairman, Financial Times Group)
    Julia Middleton (CEO, Common Purpose)
    Sir Cyril Chantler (Chairman, King's Fund)
    Sir Robert Worcester (Founder, MORI)
    Tim Waterstone (Founder of Waterstones bookstores and Daisy & Tom children's department stores)
    Robert Peston (Business Editor, BBC)
    William Davies (Goldsmiths College, London)
    Roger Graef (Films of Record)
    Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
    John McCormick (Scottish Qualifications Authority)
    The Right Reverend Stephen Platten (Bishop of Wakefield)
    Geraint Talfan-Davies (Chair, Institute of Welsh Affairs)
    Anthony Salz (Executive Vice Chairman, NM Rothchild)
    Amelia Fawcett (Vice Chairman, Morgan Stanley)
    Albert Scardino (journalist, editor)
    Sir Philip Otton (retired judge)

    Robert Peston is Business Editor for BBC News.

    "A debate on media standards - with two editors, another BBC executive, an investment banker, a Bank of England luminary, academics and a bishop, inter alia - was more practical than most. We'd been summoned to dinner at the offices of Pearson, owner of Penguin and the Financial Times, by Julia Middleton, the unrecognised toiler for the rehabilitation of the concerned, engaged citizen.

    One of Middleton's great skills is to persuade police constables, youth group organisers, permanent secretaries, FTSE chief executives and headteachers that they can learn from each other and could even cure some of society's ills. However, almost all her meetings end up with a collective wail about the irresponsibility and excessive power of the media. So she herded us into Pearson's art-deco palace on the Strand in the hope that we could find an answer or two"



  13. Both taken and added to the crrent project. Thanks.


    A letter from the trustees

    Common Purpose receives a broad spectrum of media coverage that highlights the positive impact of our leadership development programmes and award schemes. Examples of the many positive changes in society that have occurred as a result of the programme participants’ actions are available on our website.

    A tiny fraction of media coverage, mostly postings on online discussion boards, blogs and websites, is making highly offensive and untrue claims about Common Purpose. Our reputation is very important to us – we have been advised that whilst the content is undoubtedly offensive to those who are named or implicated in the articles, it is also defamatory. Common Purpose is founded on the principles of independence and non-alignment. All of our work remains true to these principles. More detail on how we work is available in our Charter.

    Common Purpose is a registered charity and our accounts are available online. Our UK work is funded by the income we receive from running educational programmes that aim to improve the leadership competencies of people across the public, private and not-for-profit sector, so they have the skills, the connections and the vision they need to lead more effectively within their roles and also more widely, to create positive change in society. This has three benefits – better leaders, new networks and stronger communities. We are grateful for kind support from a range of sponsors for our international development work.

    Common Purpose is very proud of its track record of working with leaders of all backgrounds, ages and sectors. If you are interested in finding out more about our work, please get in touch. Contact us at

    As the Chairs of the Board of Trustees for Common Purpose Charitable Trust, Common Purpose International and Common Purpose UK, we are proud to support the good work of this educational charity.

    Jude Kelly, Artistic Director, South Bank Centre and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose Charitable Trust
    Sir David Bell, Director for People, Pearson plc and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose International
    Chris Mathias, Impetus Trust, and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Common Purpose UK

  15. Make no mistake - Common Purpose is a nefarious organization, if only for its lack of transparency and training of military personnel, let alone its buying of MoD property at rock bottom prices.

    It's links with European finance are not transparent and are not stated on their website. If what I have included on this organization on this site is factually incorrect - please sue me - I'd welcome the opportunity to unleash some of the other info I've been holding back.

  16. "There's a whole new generation who see both party and office politics as irrelevent to their lives. They're looking for their own ways to change the world. And they're looking to Common Purpose to help"

    Richard Sambrook - Director, BBC Global News

  17. Common purpose is linked to the Fabian Society.
    More on Fabians scroll down to read more!

    Fabian Socialism is a "mixture" of Fascism, Nazism, Marxism and Communism
    all bundled together.

    However, it is much more deadly because it is much more clever and subtle.

    The only difference between Fabian Socialism and Communism is that Communists
    take your house by directly sending in the "secret police" to knock your
    front door down ­ Fabian Socialists do it much more subtly and cleverly ­
    by "gradually" taking your individual rights away, by "gradually" increasing
    property taxes and rates, and finally, when you can't pay them, they send
    in their regional "council tax inspectors" to take your house away ­
    but the end result is the same.

    British PM Tony Blair and President George Bush Junior's globalist
    "war on terror" is a classic Fabian Socialist strategy.

    The philosophy of the Fabian Society was written in 1887 and included the
    statement: "The Fabian Society acknowledges the principal tenet of Marxism
    the abolition of private property etc." (of course this does not apply to
    the elect oligarchy at the top who end up owning the lot!).

    Sidney and Beatrice Webb published a book of 1143 pages in defense of
    Bolshevism. It was entitled Soviet Communism: A New Civilization.

    In April 1952 the Webbs were exposed before a US Senate Committee on
    the Judiciary when Soviet Colonel I. M. Bogolepov, a former Red Army officer,
    stated that the entire text had been prepared by himself in the Soviet
    Foreign Office.

    Appropriately, the defiant coat of arms of the Fabian Society (commissioned
    by author/playwright co-founder George Bernard Shaw) today (now archived)
    is a "wolf in sheep's clothing."

    Until recently it also appeared on the Fabian glass window (now removed)
    in the Beatrice Webb House at Dorking, Surrey. (see enclosures)

    Today the Fabian Society is among other things the intellectual wing of
    the British Labour Party.

    Before Tony Blair became British Prime Minister in May 1997, he was
    Chairman of the Fabian Society.

    Since the 1997 British general election there have been around 200
    Fabian MP's in the House of Commons, some of whom have formed almost
    entire Labour Cabinets including Gordon Brown, Robin Cook, Jack Straw,
    David Blunkett, Peter Hain, Patricia Hewitt, John Reid, Ruth Kelly, Alan
    Milburn and Clare Short.

    Headed by Tony Blair, Fabians now dominate the entire British government.

    They are resident in all parties and sit on all important select committees,
    commissions and organizations allied to the government.

    A good web-site on the subject is:

    The Fabian Society literally controls the European Union.

    German-born Gisela Stuart, the Labour MP for Birmingham Edgbaston since
    1997, and member of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee,
    was one of two House of Commons' Representatives on the European Convention
    and a member of the Presidium of the Convention on the Future of Europe.

    The Presidium was the drafting body that created the draft Constitution for

    In her book, The Making of Europe's Constitution , published in December 2003
    by the Fabian Society, p. 20-21, Gisela writes:

    "In the early months, the Presidium members would meet in a small room in the
    Justus Lipsius Building some fifteen minute walk from the European Parliament.

    Attendance was limited to the thirteen members, the Secretary General Sir
    John Kerr, his deputy and the press officer.

    Sir John Kerr, a former Permanent Secretary of the British Foreign Office,
    conducted the proceedings inside the Presidium and in the plenary sessions
    of the Convention with deft diplomatic skill as might be expected from
    someone who John Major called 'Machiavelli' in his autobiography.

    The best description of his talents I heard was: 'When Kerr comes up to
    you and asks for the time, you wonder why me and why now?'

    On several occasions, we would retreat to the Val Duchess ­ a small palace
    used by the Belgian foreign minister. It was at one of the dinners at Val
    Duchess that the skeleton of the draft constitution was given to members
    of the presidium in sealed brown envelopes the weekend before the public

    We were not allowed to take the documents away with us.

    Just precisely who drafted the skeleton, and when, is still unclear to me,
    but I gather much of the work was done by Valery Giscard d'Estaing and
    Sir John Kerr over the summer.

    There was little time for informed discussion, and even less scope for
    changes to be made."

    Today the Labour Parties in both New Zealand and Australia are closely
    affiliated to the Fabian Society in London.

  18. Common Purpose seems to pop up a lot these days, all over the place, and never in a good light. No one has any positive things to say about this organisation.

    The people I've met in CP have been mid-management functionaries who might get promoted to executive level, rather a tepid, toe-the-line lot with a few oddballs thrown in. They don't question received wisdom. These people are not independent thinkers. They are clubbable.

    I don't have any doubt that this group is a sort of gender neutral nouveau freemasonary - which itself largely comprises just this rank-and-file middle management bureaucratic rump.

    The Suns and Stars of the organisation are way beyond this rump level. And if you've got what it takes you can meet and work and hobnob with them anyway. You don't need CP for that. Which brings me back to the essential nature of this cadre: mutual back-scratching a la masons at local level. I don't have any doubt that this mutuality could - and probably has been - extended to all sorts of cover-ups.

    JM is a good pal of POW.