Saturday, October 27, 2007

[common purpose] initially to have a coffee

At 5 hours 48 minutes even listing the links The Anonymii kindly bestowed on me, with one or two explanatory lines each, the laptop is doing weird things and methinks a break for a coffee is in order.

An initial reading says we're in a bit of trouble, people. I hadn't realized how far it had gone and how open they were being about it all or "clumsily secretive", if you like. Can't make promises - I'll post the first when I can - think I need to run some lighter posts too, just to clear the brain but first a little space to unwind.

Suppose you're down the pub right now - careful you don't smoke. :)

Good material on Common Purpose

UK Column
CP Exposed
Stop CP
Ken Craggs

Some of my own, based on material supplied

Common Purpose - more evidence
Common Purpose dishonesty
An oppressor by any other name
CP - the cancer spreads
OFSTED - the fish rots at the head

Common Purpose at work and play
More than corrupt
Groupthink spreads like a cancer through the UK
Is this how to run a country?
One ring to rule them all
Paradiso and the future of the internet
Demos, Common Purpose, Labour, Tories, security companies
Common Purpose - the disease spreads to the Netherlands
Common Purpose - meanwhile, in America
Groupthink - gentle art of persuasion
Common Purpose - initially to have a coffee
Common Purpose - just the facts, ma'am
Common Purpose - rhetoric of the quisling
References to Common Purpose appear in many other posts.

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  1. I'm glad that you are actually going to use all those links, as I first thought, since we all had to suffer tongue lashings in the process.


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