Friday, September 14, 2007

[mr. cameron] if you love the tories - stand down now

UKDP doesn't usually get it wrong:

Sadly, the best Home Secretary Britain will never have, David Davis, is also out of the equation. The problem with Davis is not that he might defect to Labour, but that he might defect to Cuba.

UKDP's tip:

So my tip for the top is Liam Fox - a genuine Conservative with a soft centre. A reconstructed Conservative with a nice smile. A man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. And with luck, get it he will.

One thing for sure - Cameron is a total non-starter. If he hangs on, beggars belief and actually scrapes in, I'll be the first in the queue for my serving of humble pie.

I fear though I'm going to starve of that particular delicacy.


  1. Leaving a comment for a couple of reasons James.

    (1) In response to your comment a week or so ago, yes - I'm back and

    (2) I couldn't disagree more strongly with this though.

  2. Time will vindicate you or it will vindicate me, Liam. Let's just wait.

  3. You already know what I think about this idea, james!

  4. Liam Fox does have a nice twinkle in his eyes....

  5. Hi James - The fishing's good in Cuba, or so I hear. :-)


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