Monday, July 09, 2007

[nazi quiz] the early years

Beautiful Bavarian Alps, setting for this evening's delightful quiz

1] Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933 by:

a. Then Chancellor Paul von Hindenburg

b. President Paul von Hindenburg

c. Reichsfuehrer Paul von Hindenburg

d. Mutley the Dog

2] Lebensraum roughly translates as:

a. Living room

b. Living space

c. Reading room

d. A walk in the Black Forest

3] The Dolchstosslegende or "stab in the back myth" was pushed by:

a. Borman and von Ribbentrop

b. The völkisch groups

c. The brown shirts

d. Mutley the Dog

4] Hitler first joined the DAP by:

a. Being noticed by them speaking at a rally in Judenstrasse

b. Attacking Mutley the Dog, which impressed other members

c. Being sent by German army intelligence to investigate them

d. Being sent by the Reichstag to infiltrate them

5] Hitler originally suggested the party be named:

a. National Working Party of German Youth

b. Social Revolutionary Party

c. National Socialist German Workers' Party

d. National Socialist Party

6] The swastika or Hakenkreuz's origin is:

a. Assyrian

b, Persian

c. Scottish

d. Indian

7] Mein Kampf was written following:

a. One of Mutley the Dog's posts

b. The Beer Hall Putsch

c. Kristallnacht

d. Admission of women to the party

8] The real deputy leadership at this stage was:

a. Goebbels, Göring, Röhm and Hess

b. Hess, Jung, Göring and Röhm

c. Himmler, Goebbels, Göring and Röhm

d. Hess, Jung, Göring and Mutley the Dog

9] Hitler actually left the party administration to:

a. Philipp Bouhler, Franz Xaver Schwarz, Max Amann and Gregor Strasser

b. Franz Xaver Schwarz, Max Amann, Mutley the Dog and Gregor Strasser

c. Philipp Bouhler, Franz Xaver Schwarz, Max Amann and Heinrich Brüning

d. Fritz Thyssen, Franz Xaver Schwarz, Max Amann and Heinrich Brüning

10] The Nazis main power base in the early years was:

a. Catholic Bavaria

b. Working class Berlin

c. Westphalia

c. Rural Protestant areas

Answers here ...


  1. Mutlet's role in the history of Nazism...
    David Irving should be told.

    I got 5 wrong 10. I forgot about Scheswig Holstein and Brunswick.

  2. Eight out of ten.

    Have incinerated my brown shirt...

  3. Mutley does not appear to ahve read the post.

    Well done, Ubergruppen Fuehrer David.

  4. I thank my family, my agent and, above all, Ian Kershaw whose biography of the Austrian Corporal I read about a year ago.

    As for my new rank, presumably I get to reach for my revolver whenever I hear the word "culture"? It'll be carnage here next month during the Edinburgh Festival...

  5. Too many things get posted here that posts roll down the list really quickly - also the Jews who run my company have been making me work - the swines... Oooopps!

    Actually I did meet David Irving once - it struck me that he was really enjoying being notorious..

    I am off to annexe the Sudetenland - anyone care to join me??

  6. With you, Mutley, it could be quite fun. We'll take David F and Crushed with us.


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