Sunday, June 24, 2007

Public Service Warning

Online Dating


James's R rating means that readers should be over 17 unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

The naughty offending words have been banished from this post to the Labels Section.

Pretty prudish if you ask me. I am sure James uses these words in a very benign and erudite way.

Mr Eugenides on the other hand, well he is a NC-17, meaning nobody under 17. He has a few more naughty words on the taboo list. We all know about him.

You all know how to get your own rating. Click click clickity click on the icon.

From Rachel Lucas


  1. Welshcakes has a "G"- but it did observe that she had used the word "Drugs".

  2. Surprisingly enough, I got the same as the Greek.


  3. Public Service Warning

    From Rachel Lucas - now Colin, could you effect an introduction for me to this fine lady? And what was your blog rated?


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