Saturday, March 10, 2007

[blogfocus saturday] across the pond

Now don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't like the Brits or anything but we're … well, we're family and all that and I'm always blogging about us. So I thought it was about time we crossed the pond and presented a few of our cousins.

Just what is it with the North Americans? They'd have to be the raciest bloggers on the block and sometimes even a tad difficult to follow but they generally blog with passion and that's the type of blogging I like. Hope you do too:

Sisu is one of those bloggers who's right at you on her slick looking site and from the photos above, you'd have to expect the unexpected:

If you build a viaduct over old stomping grounds, the animals will come. Above, elk crossing at the turnoff from Banff to the #1 highway to Calgary, with thanks to local animal watcher Judie Dyer. The elkway called to mind the totally awesome Saudi Arabian (we think) camelway we blogged here nearly three years back. "I like camels," wrote camelblogger Almamedi, The Religious Policeman [who has subsequently quit blogging to write a book] back then. "They have a look that says 'I was here before you, and I'll be here when you're gone.'" Alhamedi's words from July of 2004 resonate now more than ever.

2 Keith Demko, of Reel Fanatic, is one of my favourite bloggers, though sadly, I don't get over to him enough. This would have to be one of his most entertaining and if you love film, his would have to be a must-see every time:

With a little dose of "Being There" you could have our hero become president. Through a series of accidental encounters, he could get us in the middle of a bloody civil war in Iraq. I think even a hack like me could write some of this dialogue:

Cheney: Mr. President, 27 people died today in suicide bombings in Iraq.

President Gump: Well, like my momma always said: Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're gonna get.

That's actually a little too close to reality for me. I think I'll just stop now before I get thoroughly depressed. Because, like Forrest says, "stupid is as stupid does," whatever the hell that means.

3 You have to smile at Bonnie Wren's blog. When you leave a comment, she hits you with this preview: Is this what you want to say? I mean, I have to ask. That's my JOB. I'm a PREVIEWER. Duh! If all's in order, she invites you to: Make it so, No. 1. Bonnie is sometimes a bit hard to fathom out but I did notice a passing reference to yours truly so the girl obviously has nothing to do. Actually, she's as busy as can be, thanks to the drug store:

Thanks to the excellent pharmaceuticals available over the counter I barely remember writing anything in February. In fact, in looking back at all the entries made in February I can only wonder who is the woman who figured out my password and why the heck she thinks she can tell tourists where to go in La Jolla. Well, that usurper can just move on out because I’m BACK. I can breathe. I still sound like a Klingon but hey! That just adds a little mystery to my marital relationship.

Eight more bloggers here.


  1. Hey, James . . . Thanks for the nice mention and links. Glad to do my part to win hearts and minds over to this shining city upon a hill. :-)

  2. *
    james... i thank you sir, for directing some attention over to the colonies.

    we do our best.



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