Tuesday, January 02, 2007

[blogfocus tuesday] simple, homespun prose [part 2]

To complete the simple, homespun theme this evening, we’ll look at 14 bloggers [plus one Mystery Blogger] in three different categories.

The ‘rustic’ category

1] Have you ever sat in a garden shed, having first moved the tools out of the way and reflected on life? This man has:

Every so often we should all take some time to review the larger questions in life - death certainly is high on the list and we should occasionally take the time to think it over. Not to live in fear, but to live as we always intended to with purpose and confidence. Mine's going a bit better now I've just dealt with life's other certainty - filling in my annual UK tax return !

2] This man was not exactly sitting in a garden shed but he was still fairly rustic about it all, just the same:

A view of a nicely manicured garden including olive trees near Grasse. If you look at the hill behind you see many, many more olive trees in gardens too. Once upon a time all these were "working" olive trees, but these days I would guess very few of them are actually harvested. I suspect that the ones in the foreground, which is the garden of large old chateau/villa, have always been partly there for display but I am sure that once upon a time they were used for oil as well.

3] Whilst this man moved his entire house. Well actually, he moved to another house, to be precise. Whether it has a garden shed or not is not stated:

When you move house, naturally, you then need to get the telecoms in the new place sorted out. Portugal Telecom has a system whereby you can transfer your old account to the new place. Excellent. However, there has been a slight hitch as ADSL at the desired speed is not available [we're that little bit too rural]. So, instead of telling us this the order was simply cancelled. So, today, off to the Telecom shop to get it all reinstated.

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  1. Do men in Russia escape to potting sheds too, I wonder.
    Man inta Shed always write a thoughtful post too, a good discovery for you James.

  2. According to "Men are from Mars...", the shed is a cave where men want to be left alone to find solutions to life's problems, apparently! So maybe it is a universal "man thing". My grandfather used to have an amazing shed where he did upholstery work. He was the original recycler, actually straightening old nails for re-use. There is a particular woody-oily shed smell which always reminds me of my grandfather. In honour, my dad has just built his own shed from scratch - it is more like a mountain chalet in style, but brilliant to see him continue this tradition. All power to the man-shed, I say.

  3. Too cold, Lady Ellee. Heather, a shed is a delightful haven. We love you women and there's no one better on a cold evening close by [and all the other times too] but sometimes ... sometimes ...