Friday, November 17, 2006

[baron bodissey] putting Christ in the closet

Baron Bodissey has raised a key issue: When I was at William and Mary in the early 1970s rumor had it that certain fraternities required aspiring members, as part of the initiation process, to negotiate the steam tunnels all the way to the crypt under the chapel in the Wren Building and prove that they had been there by bringing back a bone from one of the tombs. Up the stairs and through a locked door from the crypt lies the Wren Chapel, a venerable institution of the Episcopal Church of the U.S.A. The chapel was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, completed in 1699, and has burned three times — at least once to a shell — and been reconstructed.

Now the Wren Chapel has become an opportunity for the College to abase itself … before the altar of political correctness. It seems that the gold cross on the altar is not inclusive enough to please the gods of Diversity, so it has to go. It’s not as if any Wiccans or Buddhists complained about the offensive symbol — the College just wants to demonstrate its multicultural sensitivity by pre-emptively removing the cross. Gene R. Nichol, Felowship President gave this explanation: The Chapel, as you know, is used for religious ceremonies by members of all faiths. I believe a recognition of the full dignity of each member of our diverse community is vital.

Note the PC keywords: “welcoming”, “dignity” and “diverse”. Those little markers trump other words like “tradition”, “history”, and “public opinion”, and lead you into the mind of a full-fledged multicultural college administrator. Will Coggin [is] the young man who tipped us to a
website that he and his associates have set up to protest this outrage. There is also a video of the Wren Cross being removed from the altar and locked away in a closet. In a closet!

Ultimately, for the members of the Anointed who run the academy, the important thing is to install Orthodox Atheism as the institutional religion. Give me a break. This PC-multicultural nonsense which aims to eliminate all references to Judaism and Christianity — has passed the point of ludicrousness and reached the realm of demonic insanity. It’s time to put a stop to it.

The Baron is correct but let me go further – the unconscious demonic insanity of the humanistic left is certainly what’s at issue here – essentially nice men and women, swept up by insanityand the humanistic trap. And the amusing irony is that JC Himself was inclusive and tolerant in his dealings with all walks of life - and this is what the PC apostles are trying to stamp out.

But there’s also a demonstrable, documented attack, from the Temple Dome through this chapel to Christmas itself, to wipe any reference to Jesus Christ from the face of the earth. Why? And it’s a virulent, petulant and petty crusade as well. Mean-spirited. Now why go out of your way to stamp something out that you claim is dying anyway? I mean – what is it exactly that bothers you so much about Jesus? There – I’ve uttered the word now. Oh dear. And do please read the Baron’s piece if you haven’t already done so.


  1. if you're opposed to this policy, check out and please sign the petition there asking for the Cross' return.

  2. I did go there but not being a resident of Virginia, it wouldn't accept my signature, sadly.

  3. James, there is an address to the college on the Save the Wren Cross webpage. I'm sure they'll accept letters too.

    This is an American issue; it is an act of desecration that, if allowed to continue, will mean there is no stopping it across the nation. Also, at my blog, I have included links to other posts on this issue.

    Stay safe and write that letter if you have time. Thank you.

    One more possibility, e-mail the student group and ask them to include another place for signatures and letters from non-Virginia state concerned Americans.


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