Monday, October 30, 2006

[which] blogger, wordpress, typepad, haloscan

It was Colin Campbell who made reference [in an e-mail] to support in the blogosphere and I can heartily second that. The number of pieces of quite constructive advice on what to do over the vexed Blogger issue was gratifying to say the least, some from quite surprising sources. Thank you and if I can do something in return … In the meantime: Blogger. When it’s working and if you have a good imported template, it’s flexible and understandable, if a little slow. Wordpress is snazzier but just doesn’t have the flexibility, e.g. widgets plus it also occasionally refuses. Typepad – I’ve heard mixed reviews. Haloscan – I’ve heard nothing. So, it’s the old dilemma.

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  1. James, I have no problem with Wordpress and I find it a whole load more flexible than Blogger. Look at all the pages and widgets I have on my site. I highly recommend it.