Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[iceland] earth shattering

In our current time of turmoil, Iceland Review continues to add its own in-depth analyses of earth-shattering events. Here is an abridged version of two of their current major stories:

Salmon Fishing is Better compared to an Average Year

Salmon fishing in Iceland's rivers has fallen short of last year's phenomenal catch but despite this, fishermen have still been pleased. Reykjavík has its own salmon river, Ellidaár. The city's mayor, Vilhjálmur Th. Vilhjámsson, caught the first salmon this year and the catch so far has been satisfactory.

However, Morgunbladid reports that fishing without a permit has increased in recent years.Curators say that the culprits are usually of foreign origin and claim ignorance. Language difficulties often make it difficult to explain that the river is not open to all. Similarly, some people have been caught hunting ducks at the local pond in Reykjavík.

First Excellent Weather in Reykjavík of Summer

The heatwave from Europe may not exactly be here, but the weather in Reykjavík has finally turned sunny. It was rainier this June than it has been for many decades. July has been worse, that is until today.The heat is now 17 degrees centigrade, which is excellent for Reykjavík. Many people have taken the day off.

This explains why not much is happening in the country, as you can see from the lack of news.

I adore and the Icelanders, except in the matter of cod. Wish I hadn't mentioned that - now I want some cod and chips and mushy peas.


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  1. In the middle of a hectic day of a hectic life, Iceland seems somehow peacefully inviting doesn't it.


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