Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blogging is over at the main site again

Ladies and gentlemen, I've a great deal of love for this, my first site on the net from 2006 to 2009 and yesterday was a good exercise, albeit through necessity, to shake out the cobwebs here and get things running again.

However, the main site is back up and running and so this one rests yet again.  Thanks for your patience yesterday.


12.07.16: Just looked in and found this in pending:

And there is everything you need to know about the gutless troll on the net, something you wipe off your boot. The post above was a housekeeping post, for goodness sake, it wasn't even controversial. LOL.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What is it?

This is the last post for a while over here [hopefully]. From tomorrow morning, posting will be from:



The scale of Falcon 9

From Chuckles [haven't yet worked out how to attribute author in Blogger]:

The scale of the Falcon 9 rocket can be seen in this pic. Other pics at the site.


#  What makes us - us:

#  It's taken a while to get moving this Monday for reasons known to readers but the Blogger version of N.O. here is now running nicely and possibly looks better after some renovation.

The major reason I can't blog from here regularly is the Blogger approach to comments - there is no protection from the naughty people, except by putting on moderation and I like neither moderation nor captcha. I'll never drop captcha on you, which so many Blogger bloggers do.

Wimmin on bikes #778

Thanks to Microdave who has come to the rescue with a new batch [was about to do a best of series and still will down the track]:

The conservative backlash

It's important, in the interests of clarity, to mention that by the word "conservative", that means those who liked the largely middle-class dominated society we had, despite all the issues.

There was around 4% unemployment, including the unemployable, work was the major aim of most and there was actually work about, manufacturing and other business was thriving in many cases, folding in others - it just went on that way.

Many liked their football and to a lesser extent, cricket and rugby, a pint at the local was a standard, cheap thing to do on a hot day, people sat out in beer gardens, we watched the boat race, we went on holiday.

Most children were in families with daddy and mommy, there was always a percentage of deviants but they were people you read about. There were atrocities but not all that many and each one filled a week of MSM space because it was so rare. Not many were religious, there were a few immigrants about in your town and they seemed to be part of it all so there was little issue.