Sunday, October 27, 2019

The second worst deal in our modern history

Click on pics to embiggen, keep clicking until embiggened.  I most humbly suggest to the learned gentleman that it very much DOES NOT give the option of 'later' walking away - since when has the EU EVER allowed anyone to 'walk away'?

This shows the same very British 'let's have fair play here, chaps' mentality which the other side most certainly does NOT subscribe to, no way. It is the second worst deal in our modern history, counting Chamberlain's as third, on the grounds that that one did not actually get off the ground. Other than that, he makes some good points:

  The EU's whole stance is to tie things up for their own monetary aggrandisement and political control, whilst leaving things vague and open-ended when forced to under the spotlight ... but even the thickest political watcher has a whole history of that mob to look to for precedent as to their tactics.
As Martin Daubney says here: * absolutely no guarantee British fishing waters will be British * on level playing field we must agree to preventing “unfair competitive advantages”. This seriously hampers future trade deals For goodness sake, wake up, Britain and make your feelings known on this.

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