Monday, June 13, 2016

The conservative backlash

It's important, in the interests of clarity, to mention that by the word "conservative", that means those who liked the largely middle-class dominated society we had, despite all the issues.

There was around 4% unemployment, including the unemployable, work was the major aim of most and there was actually work about, manufacturing and other business was thriving in many cases, folding in others - it just went on that way.

Many liked their football and to a lesser extent, cricket and rugby, a pint at the local was a standard, cheap thing to do on a hot day, people sat out in beer gardens, we watched the boat race, we went on holiday.

Most children were in families with daddy and mommy, there was always a percentage of deviants but they were people you read about. There were atrocities but not all that many and each one filled a week of MSM space because it was so rare. Not many were religious, there were a few immigrants about in your town and they seemed to be part of it all so there was little issue.

There was a vaguely Judaeo-Christian culture, with enlightenment overtones, and pagan elements were always in this land. That was what Britain was like. Sheffield steel was fine, Scotch whisky was fine, everyone had goes at people from other parts of the country, e.g. those from Devon and the Brummies. There was constant banter.

There was a strong flavour of the libertarian through it all - live and let live, don't overfuss about what tohers are doing, look after your own family and neck of the woods. Now look at it. Look at the face of overrun Britain today, leading up to June 23rd.

With this latest Muslim shooting, our turn to come, the savages have gleefully announced through their Imams the war on western society and the left-liberals and treasonous pollies are enabling it all in their idiocy. And so:
Everyone reading this should know that conservative retaliation was bound to come. As progressives must know, you cannot oppress a people forever without an eventual backlash. We've probably all heard and maybe felt that sense of oppression in the untold number of times that we've heard (or uncomfortably said), "wait, we can't call them that anymore" before interchanging some identity term for a new sanitized euphemism. (Comedian George Carlin was particularly poignant with bits about this issue decades ago, so it's hard to pretend no one could have seen it coming.) Conservatives have definitely felt this pressure more than anyone else, and it seems they've had enough.
Yep. Chuckles refers to one Grayscaleplaid's comment:
I don't think that toothpaste is ever going back in the tube.
And it certainly looks like it now but "looks like it" is not always how it will go. There is already enough precedent that things are NOT going according to globalist PC plan and I believe it will continue.

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