Monday, June 13, 2016

N.O. current state of play

UPDATE 10:50 a.m., Monday, June 13th, 2016

Back in the main site for now but shall be blogging from here, not there.


Seems the issue might be either Cloudflare or Safari. As I only have two devices working, both using Safari, that might be an issue.

I've started from scratch again, reset both but still get Cloudflare message that there is an issue with the host - whether or not there is of course. He's saying he's getting into N.O. fine but I'm getting the 522 constantly, even after resetting. Some readers are reporting issues.

Both devices are working fine with other versions of N.O., plus OoL, plus every other site except N.O.  I don't know how to reset DNL for each computer but as the issue is across multiple devices, it does not seem that's it anyway.

So that's where it is right now. I'll be blogging from here, shall see what is available to buy, laptop-wise on Friday in town [non-Safari] and go from there. It looks as if it could be a long haul at this stage.

Normal blogging from here will start next post, plus we have a Wimmin on Bicycles to go, courtesy Microdave.


Sadly, they must be in moderation as there's no blacklist facility at Blogger. I'll approve you a.q.a.p. each time but I do know it's a pain for you.  If I have any trouble from the bad people, then I'll need to switch blogging to the third site:

... which can blacklist naughty people.  this is especially an issue pre-June 23rd.

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