Monday, June 13, 2016

Love thy murderers, say the gays

This was a tweeted response from the gay lobby to the massacre:

Don’t you dare use dead LGBT people to justify your Islamophobia. Don’t you dare use us to further your campaign for hatred and inequality.

Our old mate Katabasis replied using choice language. 50 people dead to jihadis and this lobbyist does not want gay people "used"?  Is the man a total moron? If he even set foot in one of those sad countries, he'd find himself thrown off a building.

This is the thinking which is afflicting so many, this desperation to let the enemy in and rampaging because some ideology tells them that these are really sweet, cuddly bears with beards and guns, instead of the throwbacks they are.

If the shootings themselves were beyond any sort of civilized people, there were other issues too.

One was mentioned at Samizdata, which looked at the failure of Reddit to even report it.  This utter denial is how the leftwing deal with their narrative being shown to be wholly flawed. As murder after murder and gang rape after gang rape continue by the religion of peace - you saw on the weekend that "refugee" who stepped off and promptly raped a 14 year old - their agenda, as urged by the Imams and high jihadis in the Dar al Harb, rampages on.

This notion is mentioned at the NY post:

Some child called Owen Jones storms out of an interview and I ask who the hell is the kid? Why is the media even giving him space?  Then it becomes apparent - he's supposedly gay. What on earth has western society brought upon itself.


Amfortas said...

The mind is getting over-boggled.

Twisted Root said...

So called leaders always sellout the community they speak for.

James Higham said...


dearieme said...

The Democrat coalition of I-am-a-victim groups has held together remarkably well, all told.