Friday, September 21, 2012

Think I'm being hacked

We all have our online problems and mine fall into two categories:

1. Those affecting me alone, e.g. being shut out of my dashboard and

2. Those affecting friends and/or readers.

 I just received an email from a friend declining my invitation to join me on Twitter. I never sent such an invitation, nor would I, via social media. It simply wasn't me.

Therefore, someone has hacked my Twitter account and that follows on from Linked-In and Facebook or else these organizations have taken it upon themselves to do it - I don't know.

I am not in Linked-In - I was about four years ago but discontinued three years ago so anything from that source is also not me. Facebook I only use for the posts from NO and I don't do any of the inanities such as asking someone to like me or poking or whatever it is they do. I sent out some presents to a few Facebook users on my blogrolls about two years ago.

I am registered with TJMK, EU Referendum and some other sites on the blogrolls because they require that but these are private sites. I'm in no forums.

About a year and a half ago, apparently someone using my name went round to blogs from my blogrolls and pretended to get into discussions, then trashed someone in the comments thread. 

Again, that was not me.

My comments are pretty well known and often involve me copying and pasting a fragment of the post and then commenting on that. Most of my comments are one or two lines - occasionally more but you'd recognize my prose when I start ranting - it's often acerbic but no more than that.

Never are my comments ad hominem, never.   If that is done under my name, someone is using my name. Please check with me if anything of this nature occurs, before being offended.

Thank you.

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legiron said...

The hack might be in your Email rather than the networking sites. Or, someone is using your Email as a spoof to attract people to fake sites. That happens a lot.

Farcebook does this, I get Emails saying 'Do you know all these people?', I think 'No' and delete. I don't know about Twitter, I've never been on it.

But you have to be a member before they can send those mails. They don't (as far as I know) send Emails to random people because they don't know who is in your address book.

So watch the Email. That's most likely where the issue is.