Wednesday, July 11, 2012

About this site

By "this site" is meant two sites which form a continuum:

1.  The original blog which ran from 2006 to 2009;
2.  The current blog which has run from 2009 until now.

Both are active - the original blog still gets quite a deal of traffic but posts are generally on the current one.

It began as a political outlet concerned with a third force in politics - the oligarchical "them", which in 2006 most people hadn't researched and didn't fully understand the extent of.  Quickly the blog became a sort of magazine because there were just too many other interesting things to write about as well in many fields, from technology to cuisine.

The name came from an article on China, written in 2006, which refers to Deng Ziaoping:
According to Deng Xiaoping, in order to eventually overcome, China should adopt the ancient maxim of "hiding brightness and nourishing obscurity," and Beijing adds: "to bide our time and build up our capabilities" and again: "to yield on small issues with the long term in mind."

I quite liked the idea of obscurity and thought that if people knew everything there was to know about me, nothing concealed, whilst at the same time not knowing who I was - that might be the way to go.  Anyway, that's how it began.

There've been quite a few guestposters over the years and thanks go to those kind souls but now it's become a more co-authored site - you can find details in the current site's sidebar about the authors - not all share my own political stance although we're all fairly old school in terms of how we see society.  We're all pretty much down on PCism and inanity and don't feel the PTB are our friends.

The sites had and still have a large number of posts a day, occasionally up to ten, which has been criticized by some who say they can't keep up ... but understood by others such as Tom Paine who wrote:
James’ posts are so frequent, his interests so varied and his contacts so extensive that his blog is rather like the Scottish weather. If you don’t like it now, just wait a few minutes.
I'd suggest it might be better taking it in RSS and deciding those you'd prefer to read.  The new site contracts posts to excerpt size to more easily navigate.

Future?  No intentions of stopping although we might be at the sharp end of the agenda by "them" and who knows how long we'll all be blogging for?

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