Sunday, September 27, 2009

[weight training] government even interferes with that

Back to the day on, day off

Talk about opportunistic. We bloggers would sell our soul for a post sometimes.

I went for a wander this afternoon to a gym down by the canal.

Now I'm signed up to start Tuesday and today we went over the equipment and as we spoke about the different exercises, I realized I didn't know the names for them in English. Is that ridiculous or what? I could tell him in Russian.

One utterly bloody ridiculous thing was the situation over the weights. I asked why he only had up to 17kg when I'd need 25kg to start with for the side/back muscles [one knee on the bench.] He told me it was UK Law - that Health and Safety decreed that only weights of a certain ... er ... weight were allowed.

What the !!$%^&*(&^%£!!?

It's a bloody gym, for crying out loud. There is this strange tendency, in a gym, for people to push weights. For that, if they incrementally improve, they need larger weights.

Nope, says the government. When you reach 17kg, you have to go to machines. But that's useless - the machine covers a different set of muscles. Tough, says the government. In our knowledge of all things involved in body building, this is what we say you can do.

I was flabbergasted just how far the Law has entered our personal lives, even to the point of making them more dangerous. I mean, does a grown adult, with trainer help, need nannying about what weights he can be allowed to lift?

I asked about free weights and the barbell. 40kg tops. That's girls' stuff. I'd have to use the Smith machine. But the machine doesn't train all the muscles. Tough. The government has said ......

Yeah, yeah, don't tell me any more. So, not only will I be overcoming my near death condition and trying to avoid heart attacks, I have to overcome the government as well.

"I'll help you," said the trainer.


Anyway, I'm going to have to start eating properly and bulking up again and that's not cheap. So which is it to be: 80kg of lard, living cheaply ... or 80kg of muscle, living on the breadline? Have to reflect on this one.

One interesting thing I learnt is why I can do more on my tris [narrow grip] than I can on my chest - incorrect technique. This should be interesting. I'll report back if I'm still alive.

Update: Harry Hook has the solution right here.

Incline press - can't do flat and ignore this


Quiet_Man said...

Can't say I'm aware of the health and safety laws on gym weights even though I do go to a gym. Mind you it's only because of surgery on my arm that I ended up going anyway for physio and became addicted.

I suppose you could always get your own weights on ebay for the heavier stuff.

Anonymous said...

"So which is it to be: 80kg of lard, living cheaply ... or 80kg of muscle, living on the breadline?"

Neither... use Pilates technique to strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles as well as improving posture and increasing flexibility. Aim for a body like a dancer not an Arnold... you'll be much healthier and far... far sexier.

Anonymous said...

If you don't fancy Pilates... get round the H&S Regs by joining this Gym...

CherryPie said...

Home Gym might be the better option ;-)

Anonymous said...

There are different "markets" in the gym business.

You seem to have chosen the type that doesn't want serious trainers.

Find a gym that does. They are still around. They still compete with council owned gyms that levy business rates on private gyms, but subsidize their own.
In the main, council gyms, and chain gyms, haven't a clue how to train, instruct, etc, etc.

Find an owner-operated one, that's well equipped, and look for good equipment.

The rest are just bollocks.

Anonymous said...

If the top picture, the one with the Smith machine in yellow, is taken in the gym you joined, beat a hasty retreat and find a proper gym!

James Higham said...

No, the pics are from Google. I think we're organized now - looks good but I'm only buying by the month for now soI'll see how it goes.