Thursday, September 24, 2009

[airbus] here we go again

There are references to Airbus problems:








... and now here:

The EASA airworthiness directive concerns carriers that fly Airbus A330/A340 jetliners equipped with Goodrich pitot probes stamped with the part number 0851HL.

"Several reports have recently been received of loose pneumatic quick-disconnect unions" on the probes in question, the agency said, adding that the problem might lie at the "equipment manufacturing level."

The fault could result in an air leak that could in turn provide false airspeed indications, the statement said.

Ah yes - good luck with your Airbus flight if you have once scheduled.


angus said...

Maybe they should take the wings off and turn it into a proper bus.

Anonymous said...

Following your childish trend:
Maybe, the US corp. Goodrich has yet to learn how to make proper pitot tubes?
"The European Aviation Safety Agency has issued a safety warning for air speed sensors that are made by Goodrich Corp. and fitted on many Airbus jets — just two weeks after advising airlines to use them instead of instruments made by Thales SA".

James Higham said...

Angus - perhaps.

Anonymous - appropriately, under the ad hominem "childish" you make a distinction between Airbus and Goodrich tyres.

This is not a long way from Dell. Whatever the component which goes bust, if it's attached to the whole, e.g. a plane, it crashes or bursts into flame [in the case of Dell].

You can call that childish or socialist or whatever you like but Airbus were using defective parts; therefore their quality control was not up to scratch, therefore the confidence of the public is shaken as to how many other defective parts they use.

Hence the links above which show that this is not just a Goodrich problem - it's an Airbus problem. They are very dodgy machines.