Sunday, August 30, 2009

[late evening listening] dearieme presents bix

This is beginning to become quite a feature now, this 8 p.m. music spot and I, for one, am enjoying it immensely.

I had a collection of Bix, along with Jellyroll Morton and others, some from original pressings and anywhere I went, people wanted copies. Gone now, all gone. The tape was filled out with pieces from the Palm Court Theatre Orchestra and a jazz orchestra doing teens, 20s and 30s stuff in the 80s, when it had fallen out of fashion. Can anyone remind me of the name of this British jazz orchestra? Like the Palm Court but just can't recall the name.

Dorsey's clarinet was superb in Singin' the Blues and I get a picture of Dearieme's penchant for the purity of the instrument. I quite like the frenetic harmonies too and here's the one which did it for Bix Beiderbecke - this is the best clip I could find:

Where there's jazz, in my book, there have to be the wimmin, Dearieme, we might differ on this, I don't know. Anyway, here are some of them wimmin:

Jellyroll Morton is not a purist in some eyes but he ushered in the modern era and yet some of his material is quite old. This is from 1905 [original tune]:

Obviously we can't see a recital from those days but here's a quite a fun modern rendition of Tiger Rag:

Late addition by Dearieme - better it goes here, as it will be some days before we go jazz again:


dearieme said...

That's a lovely version of the Davenport Blues, Hob. As for the ladies; bless 'em.

BobG said...

"Where there's jazz, in my book, there have to be the wimmin"

How about this one?

James Higham said...

Dearieme - glad.

Bob G - do you play guitar?

CherryPie said...

A lovely Sunday evening selection. Glad you included the Clarinet :-)

His Girl Friday said...

very good. really liked the first two.
as to the dancing, well....there's something to be said about "cutting loose", and then there's the Charleston... ;)

His Girl Friday said...

Dearieme and Bob,
nice selections, also.

dearieme said...

For the future, a familiar piece at an unfamiliar pace.

BobG said...

I play a bit (self-taught) of flute, recorder, blues-harp and keyboard, but I'm quite out of practice.

James Higham said...

Any vid, Bob?