Sunday, August 30, 2009

[brownadder] and the new spacebook

If you like your satire dry, you could do worse than this series:

Brownadder the Second Rate
by Bill Quango

Still chuckling.

Meanwhile, in tech news, Angus has this up ... no, let me start again ... Angus has posted this on the Spacebook, among other things:

The dual-screen laptop is aimed at professional video editors, photographers and designers who need to flick between different applications to carry out their work.

But anyone willing to meet the expected $3,000 (£1,835) price tag should be warned that the double screen is likely to push the weight of the Spacebook significantly above standard laptops.

Well, for a start, I'd hardly classify myself as an IT professional and yet such a thing would be more than useful - even the 17 inch Mac is constricted for the things I wish to do on it [no quips, please] and the price tag of the Spacebook is hardly one that a Mac buyer would balk at. I say well done and I, for one, will be looking at this idea.

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jams o donnell said...

I think I'll pass. Mind you Terry Pratchett works on four screens