Thursday, July 30, 2009

[sportsmanship] the elusive quality which droppeth from heaven

There are many incidents of bad sportsmanship and many others which one side considers so but the other side thinks is legit. In both situations below, a case can be made that the perpetrators acted within the rules as far as they understood them, especially in the top one where the organizers failed to write it into the tournament rules.

Similar, with Leg Theory, no one was expecting it and so, technically, it was fine. Yet everyone knew it wasn't fine. Sportsmanship - that elusive quality. Just looking over these vids again now, two things struck me. One was how Richie Benaud savages the Australians at th end of the top vid and the other how the British government got involved in the dispute and threatened, in depression 1932 remember, to call in Australia's loans.

[This post is part of #Silly Week.]


alison said...

I promise to do something for Silly Week now I'm back. Not forgotten, just a little busy..

dearieme said...

Jardine decided to play cricket like an Aussie and the Aussies squealed.

Rather like Strauss the other day.

James Higham said...

Hey, Alison! Hope it was nice.

Dearieme - oh, no argument but I did think the government was a bit OTT.

Incidentally, you're aware that Bill O'Reilly was a friend of Jardine and at a dinner given by Ming the PM, the two were sitting at the same table.

Ming carried on about how the Brits loved him but the Colonists did not. "In fact," concluded Bob, "many people consider me the greatest bastard in Australia."

Jardine leant across to Bill O'Reilly and corrected, "The honourable gentleman is mistaken - he could only eer be N2."