Monday, July 27, 2009

[quokkas] the quick and the dead

This "attack" is not really an attack, IMHO. When we went to Rottnest, everyone could only get round by bike and still there were dead quokkas all over the path. They leapt out from the undergrowth, maybe sensing food and you'd have to stop your bike quickly.

I recall one quokka looked up, as this one in the vid is doing, clambered up my leg and onto my shoulder, then leant forward and peered round at my face. After some time, dissatisfied, he jumped down again and hopped away. I'll always remember that.

The other place to go, in the West, is Monkey Mia, much further north, where the dolphins can be fed.

[This post is part of #Silly Week.]


His Girl Friday said...

but can you swim with the dolphins? ;)

dearieme said...

Tale heard in Brisie. Bloke out bush-walking comes across a wombat; pokes it with his boot. Creature bites right through the boot, to the bone. Helicopter to hospital, big fuss, injections etc. Main pain, though, is being visited (and mocked) by every medical student in Queensland, because, apparently, it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a wombat bite wound.

BobG said...

Sounds like the Australian version of a squirrel.

CherryPie said...

I have never heard of a quokka before!

Rick said...

Be careful. One of those critters might take a bite off your face.


Adorable.One can see why a wealthy person like MJ would have his own zoo.

James Higham said...

HGF - they shouldn't be constrained with human arms.

Dearieme - I love wombats.

Bob - without the tail.

Cherie - they're lovely animals.

Rick - they can do.

Uber - stands to reason.