Friday, July 17, 2009

[before we kill the muslims] let's be sure who's to blame

Some time back, I became involved in an Indonesian sub-community [as longer-term readers will recall] and in the light of that experience, this statement in the Telegraph seems true enough:

Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country in the world and most Indonesians are generally seen as following a moderate interpretation of their religion. The country recently held peaceful presidential and parliamentary elections in which Islamist candidates did not do well.

The interesting thing is that I became involved, not with the moderates but with the hardliners and what they had to say about the corruption in today's society and so on seemed valid and logical. To get society back to a sort of sanity is what this blog has also been on about for a long time now.

There were only a few giveaways which showed that the other side - the intractable, kill all the infidels attitude - was lurking behind the 'love the people' stance but those couple of incidents were enough to sour me. Let's face it though, the majority of that country would not be motivated to bomb and batter people - that's the province of the religious nutter.

Or is it?

Quite frankly, we can't trust Them and there are enough cases on file to show how their agents provocateurs are in world troublespots they feel need destabilizing. Remember that 'execution' of the American hostages when the hooded figures couldn't even get the Koran right?

If you start down this path though, this line of thinking, then 911 and 7/7 also come into the spotlight. Also Diana. Diana has the most anomalies to it and no enquiry has addressed those yet.

Whatever the truth, there are sufficient Muslims, particularly youths, angered enough to hit out. The Palestinian rockets are sufficient proof of that. I'd like to read what the average Muslim has to say about these things and how he/she explains them away.

What is quite worrying is that our emotions are seemingly being 'directed' by means of outrages and by how the MSM hypes them up. Don't know about you but I don't like being played like a violin and so I've tended to look at something like these bombings and say - hang on a minute, let's be sure that it was actually Muslims who did this.

Meanwhile, people are continuing to die and to be maimed.


Bob B said...

Remember the Crusades?

But just a mo'. Pope Urban II called for the first Crusade in 1095:

The Moors had invaded Spain in 711.

James Higham said...

Bob B, no argument. 'Let's be sure' doesn't mean that when we are eventually sure, we hold back.

Lord T said...

It depends how much you want as evidence. Clearly you don't have enough now.

Evidence will show that most Muslims are like us and just want to get on with life. It's always the nutters that get into positions of power and manipulate the radicals while the vast majority look on and does nothing.

Its happened here before,is now and will happen again.

Personally, I think we know enough of what happens now and have enough experience to work out what the next stage is.

To many whingy whiney people in power though.

Bob B said...

In this (excellent IMO) three part BBC2 documentary: The Power of Nightmares, written and produced by Adam Curtis and now archived in Google video, the roots of modern Jihadism are there traced back to Sayed (Sayyid) Kotb:

The Power of Nightmares (Part 1/3):

For more biographical details, see this Wiki entry for Kotb:

Kotb became a leading ideologue of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In 1966, Kotb was arrested, duly tried for treason and executed. One of his followers was Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is now widely taken to be among the most senior leaders of al-Qaeda.

James Higham said...

Bob, Lord T - you're preaching to the choir. I'm a member of 910 and Free Geert. I was trying to be even-handed.

xlbrl said...

It is unnecessary that the jihadists has read the Koran, or for that matter is literate.

The great majority of men know and feel the philosophy of their age only by its reflection.

They are reflecting the Koran very well, as it is reflected to them by men who can quote it very well.
What is "reform" Islam? It is found in ignoring--almost never repudiating-- the basics of it's core writings. That is also true of Judiasm. It is remarkable to contemplate the vengance, homicide, and polygamy present in the origins of the Jews. It is in reference to the Old Testament that the vernacular "I'm going to get biblical on your ass" is made. Islam is only another mutant desert Hebrew religion, but one that took.
The New Testament restrains our instinctive desires to make love or war as we please, the Koran encourages it.
The third and fourth Crusades just show it is possible to read anything into a contract.

Anonymous said...

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And building no 7 on 9/11......

And the black box powered by Unix that allows GS to front run the orders. They obviously control the FBI who are doing a good job of silence. London and Germany now have the software too. Interesting.............


And all the financial bets placed against particular airlines before 9/11................

And the US Fed giving foreign central banks the US Dollars with which to bid up the US Treasurys at auction?

Rejig the Indirect Bidder definition?

NOTHING is as it seems!

Who to blame?

Anonymous said...

YOU may not be sure, But I think here in Australia we are.

We don't have to "kill the muslims" only those who would 'kill us''

Anonymous said...


Oh, well.

Old peace freak said...

I reckon Donovan Leach said it well, a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away;

"He's the Universal Soldier
and he really is to blame;
The orders come from far away no more...
They come from here and there, and you and me;
And brothers, can't you see?
This is not the way to put the end to war..."