Friday, June 26, 2009

[weekend poll] sexiest men over 43

1. Omar Sharif [77]

2. Giancarlo Giannini [66]

3. Pierce Brosnan [57]

4. Denzel Washington [54]

5. Nick Faldo [51]

6. George Clooney [48]

7. Jon Bon Jovi [47]

8. Mikhail Khodorkovsky [45]

9. Brad Pitt [45]

10. Professor of History Darrin McMahon [44]

As usual, you're allowed three votes at one time but to vote again, you'd need to come back tomorrow.

11. Armand Assante [if you like him, please comment in ... er ... comments.

Results here.


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Worra lorra hunkery. Thank you.

His Girl Friday said...

hahaha, I'm off to work but will have to check in on this one. Thank goodness for the Iphone, or I would be having withdrawals... ;)

JPT said...

Well saying as you've omitted me it'll have to be Brad Pitt.

James Higham said...

Getting interesting - neck and neck.


Thank God you're not a woman James for you have horrid taste in what makes a man sexy.
What about Tim Curry, Billy Idol , ARMAND ASSANTE?
I vote for none of them.

CherryPie said...

I struggled with this one to Uber LOL

James Higham said...

This was not my taste, of course, as I don't profess to have a taste in men. So I relied on WHAT WOMEN VOTED FOR in various polls, blogs and so on.

I went to exclusively female sites to get the people although Omar Sharif is Welshcakes' choice.

The ten who appear are the ones women put forward.

So, your saying that women, including Welshcakes, have, let me see, what did you say:

horrid taste in what makes a man sexy

Well, I can't argue with that. If you say women have horrid taste, then, as a woman, so be it.


Yes, then some women have horrid taste in men.

Now flash us that sexy body shot of yours!

James Higham said...

Sexy body shot? Who? Where?

His Girl Friday said...

C'mon James, give us your best shot.... ;D

careful, you'll have men believing that there's no pleasing a woman!!!

I'll give a vote for Pierce Brosnan. He's quite charming, nice looking; but what makes him sexy is how he stood by his first wife during her illness.