Sunday, June 28, 2009

[weekend poll] mid-poll report

Well, despite protestations from certain ladies about how poor the choices were which had echoes of those famous words 'never satisfied' ringing around the head and plunging me into darkest despair, the poll went ahead and it seems that at least some of the candidates do pass muster.

So far, last I looked, George Clooney has his nose in front, with Giancarlo Giannini and Pierce Brosnan in hot pursuit. Surprise fourth [to me] is the wildcard Mikhail Khodorskovsky. I did vote for him but the other votes came from out there with you lot so someone likes him.

Liz said she judged by many other factors than just the physical and intimated that I did judge by the physical, like all men, I imagine. Well no, I'm halfway between her and many men on this. Truth is I prefer a plainer looking lady with few airs and an interest in me. Plus brains. Plus responding to chivalry. Plus being ladylike in deportment until we get to 'those moments', at which point she needs to become a wild beast.

Think that covers it.

But it does show that the relentless diet of perfect young bodies, tans, and dulled brains in the media, in the shops, on the beaches and in novels and films does not move everybody to the same extent.


angus said...

Good luck with that one.

Lord T said...

So you voted in the sexiest man poll. A line has been crossed.

Mmmmm. Never see anything like this on Theo's site. Praise be the Lord.

For some reason I don't find any of them sexy. Can't wait for next weeks girls.

CherryPie said...

I think that whatever I would say here would be wrong!

James Higham said...

Never, Cherie. What you say here on 99.999999% of topics would be perfectly correct. :)

Lord T - I'm not so sure you're going to like next week's girls. I expect to be firebombed for it.

Thanks, Angus.

His Girl Friday said...

what was that joke?:

"how many men does it take to open a beer bottle?"
"It should be open when she brings it to him"

absolutely Not! :)

Can hardly wait, James :)


Well I vote for Armand Asante even if he was not in the poll.


Never, Cherie. What you say here on 99.999999% of topics would be perfectly correct. :)


Does that go for ME, too?

I do require that in writing, James :)

Lord T said...


Your opinions are based on what you know. I'm confident your opinions are better than mine on a sexy male poll. As it seems is James. :)

James Higham said...

Thanks, people. Poll's still going - we'll put bl--dy Armand Asante in as an eleventh and give him two starter votes. :)

Anyone else who likes him - comment here. Not exactly here, of course - in your own comment below this preferably.

CherryPie said...

I was meaning about some of the comments in the post and not the poll LOL

Liz said...

James, you said you were using Brad Pitt as the benchmark and asked if we had seen photos of Sean Connery recently. Hence my comments.

I note that Brad Pitt currently has one vote; I'm surprised he has that. I used to think he was gorgeous but then he was horrid to his wife, Jennifer Aniston.

James Higham said...

Right, Cherie.

Liz - that was what put me off him too but the worst was when he got together with that appalling creature Jolie who seems hell bent on making herself ugly.

It goes to show that personality and actions count for a lot. This might be part of Giannini's charm.

His Girl Friday said...

Alas, that was moi with a Brad vote...I'll succumb to peer pressure (only 'cause I like ya) and recant. :)