Monday, June 29, 2009

[tadpole trike] recumbent, wind assisted

Here's the solution to the problem, folks. I'd design the sail differently, crab claw with more rake but it's a good combination - tadpole recumbent trike with wind assistance. Way to go.

Thanks, Gallimaufry, for the tip!


His Girl Friday said...

Love it! except I'd be airborne with the wind gusts we get 'round here... ;)

James Higham said...

There are many practical difficulties. The route I take when I visit my friend usually takes me head to wind both there and back, which renders the sail well nigh useless.

Also, things like hills are a problem for a recumbent trike. I was shocked by the cost of the commercial sail rig too. They want $3400 just for a few bits of metal and a small sail. It doesn't include the cost of a trike.

Definitely an interesting concept though - needs to be thought out and redesigned a little. I'm going to design a few and see if we couldn't cobble one together.

jams o donnell said...

Ach what you really need is a fill ship rigged mast with topgallants, royals and studding sails to get some real speed... Having said that the large team of jack tars needed to work the sails would weigh the bike down on a windless day

xlbrl said...

There are enthusiast at the Great Salt Flats who take sail-carts to 100 mph, no joke. I've not grasped the physics of going faster than the wind, but they do it.

James Higham said...

I used to go faster than the wind in my A Class on water. The sail and motion of the boat create 'apparent wind' which can get pretty fierce.