Friday, June 05, 2009

[oh my goodness] the price of delusion


Defence Secretary John Hutton, another leading Blairite, said Mr Purnell had made "the wrong decision" and Mr Brown was "the right man to lead our party and our country".


Ross said...

I don't think Hutton is deluded so much as dishonest. He did after all predict that a Brown premiership would be a "F***ing disaster".

James Higham said...

Ross - perhaps.

Uber - I took the comment out, just for protection. There are those who might have used those words. :)

dearieme said...

Did you post this before or after Hutton resigned?

JPT said...

Delusion? Spin?

James Higham said...

Before, of course, Dearieme. I was just brooding and muttering to myself out loud, in a way.

JPT - yes.