Tuesday, May 05, 2009

[what's wrong with this pic] answer

There might be much wrong in yesterday's pic but the thing I noticed was this: There's a young boy sailing the boat and it doesn't seem anyone else is on board. Now, these boats carry about 235 square feet of sail and even in a light wind, it takes an adult to balance. If you look at the pic above here, you'll notice two grown-ups, both on trapeze wires, trying to balance the craft. Look again at yesterday's pic and you'll notice the boat is 'heeling' or leaning over, so there is actually a breeze and the sails are 'sheeted' or pulled in.

I surmise that dad was in the boat behind, ready to come alongside and take over. Hell of a risk though for a photo opportunity.


Falco said...

It depends on the wind conditions and particularly the ability of the sailor. Cats are in any case quite stable and if you are quick enough to let the sail out when heeling over there is little danger of capsize. In any case, the worst that usually happens is that you get wet.

James Higham said...

That's true, Falco but F18 or B Class is still a bloody big boat for a kid.