Wednesday, April 29, 2009

[education destroyed] further comment

Spot on IMHO. Please read all of it.

The Tories, to be fair, are already making noises about taking control of education away from the centre and handing it back to local communities. The trouble is that the "education community" at every level has been indoctrinated with "progressive" ideas for over a century. If you want radical thinking on education, you need to listen to parents, not educators. The "professionals" have been divorced from their true "clients" (the parents) for so long, that they really don't think of their views as important.

But ultimately it is the parents who have a responsibility to educate their children. State education began as a laudable attempt to ensure even the poorest could fulfil that responsibility. It has ended in the usurpation of their role. If parents were allowed to apply common sense to education, I guarantee it would be "learning-centred" not "child-centred" and that it would ask more of students than the educational establishment currently does.


Anonymous said...

I reckon that involving politicians in the first place is the first error.

Involving existing educators, without adequate re-selection, is the second error.

How to proceed? What model to follow?
Back to 1930s/40s/50s?

Who selects the model, the subjects, secular/theocratic/science/philosophy/

Whatever model, it has to involve parents as they create motivation, facilities, interest, etc, etc.

Who is to say that James, an ex-educator, is correct in his views.

Certainly, from my perspective, something is sadly wrong.

dearieme said...

The first great error was building indoor loos for primary schools. Small children can perfecrtly well pee in their wellies out of doors.


I have always believed in private education. If I had children there's no way I'd allow them anywhere near a state school.Far too much learning time is eaten away by unruly kids teachers no longer have the respect of or authority to take control over.

Parents should be more alarmed than they are by this state of affairs instead of condoning their Little Johnny Bastard's rights to impede on every other kids' education.
Personally, I think the teachers should be going to school armed with hand guns,by-passing detentions altogether.

James Higham said...

Who is to say that James, an ex-educator, is correct in his views.


Anonymous said...

our school books have been wrought with lies since the educational institution began. how much of our american history is filtered by the elite? how many generations have been educated with lies? how do we combat this at the home level when they are bombarded at school for 8 hours a day? then sent home with 3 hours of homework in the second grade? the only answer is homeschooling.. and even then.. not every parent should be allowed to educate their children.. as they had no business bearing offspring to begin with. we are a society of idiots. sitting in front of a television sucking up more stupid. THE DECLINE OF OUR WAY OF LIFE HAS BEEN INCREASING SINCE THE DAWN OF CIVILIZATION. BRING BACK THE OLDEN DAYS.. BEFORE WE GAVE AWAY OUR POWER AND LET TECHNOLOGY INTO OUR HOMES. TECHNOLOGY IS PAVING THE WAY FOR ENSLAVEMENT.

James Higham said...

It's the battleground for the nation isn' it?