Monday, March 30, 2009

[wisdom] does it require humility

Pisces wrote:

Day by day I became more and more dumbfounded by his philosophical offerings. I kept trying to put my finger on exactly what is was that I found so exasperating. It wasn’t just the emptiness of his daily aphorisms or even the messianic air that fills his blogspace like the smell of farts captured in an airtight room, it was the air of deep respect that the man seems to hold for his own wisdom.

Oblique comments like this make one stop and self-examine, 'Am I like that? For that matter, are you?'


Sonus said...


If you want a debate, or something to think about along these lines, I can give you an article in a couple of days.

Remember, I won't debate it with you.

It will make you think though!

Yup? No?


James Higham said...

Do it.

TBR said...

Not everyone is going to like what you say.

But I think everyone holds their own wisdom in some sort of regard. It's kind of natural otherwise you'd keep making the same personal mistakes over and over again.

Sonus said...

I'll post it in a comments section, and if you like it you can lift it out for a blog, - or whatever you like.

Tom Paine said...

Many of we less-than-frivolous bloggers are a bit like that sometimes. Why would we blog if we weren't? If we didn't "respect our own wisdom" a teensy bit, why would we seek to share it? Most of us (and not least you, James) strive - but sometimes fail - to avoid taking ourselves too seriously. For myself, I am not nearly as irritated by someone trying to be serious and veering into pomposity as I am by someone wilfully prattling. There are many wilful prattlers in the blogosphere for every self-respecter with occasional tendencies to pomposity.

CherryPie said...

I think Tom just about sums it up!

Pisces Iscariot said...

You guys obviously haven't been exposed the wisdom of the magnificent Paulo Coelho ;/


I am. You're not. You would have reason. I don't. I just like being shockingly obnoxious. :)

I disagee with Tom, firstly on the grounds that he is a lawyer.Secondly, I am a 'prattler.'
There's room for prattlers on the net,if only to steer them away from loftier blogs like Jmaes' and Tom's where they'd only annoy.

It's a thankless job.

jams o donnell said...

Ah JamesI am under no illusions about the Poor Mouth. I have never pretended to be a source of wisdom!

James Higham said...

TBR - yes, otherwise we wouldn't blog.

Sonus - right.

Tom - thanks. As ever, thoughtful. The prattler is an irritant.

Cherie - yes.

Pisces - it was a good post.

Uber - correction. You are a heat seeking missile and you get right to the nub.

Jams - yes, and that's why you are a source of wisdom. Everybody likes your blog for what they'll find.