Monday, March 30, 2009

[thought for the day] the love of conflict

“Well,” said Mr Satterthwaite slowly, “you see, I've known a good many young men, and these emotional scenes upset them very much.

Women now, can go through a scene like that and feel positively better for it afterwards. It acts like a safety valve for them, steadies their nerves down and all that. But I can see this young man going away with his head in a whirl, sick and miserable …”


lady macleod said...

I find if you take a man and drive him mad with lust and then give him exciting relief, he is very calm and easy to deal with in any endeavor.... ;

CherryPie said...

Now what happens if it is the man that is the emotional one?


I have come to realize that men are more vulnerable in some ways than women.
Who knew?

Bendz said...

Yet No chance for me and I've got no idea about it. But the shot is clear and looking nice.

James Higham said...

Lady M - yes, yes, yes and yes.

Cherie - men are emotional and some women are cold fish.

Uber - absolutely no doubt. Go to Russia and see it in action.

Bendz - always a chance. Just a temporary hiccup, that's all.


I don't need to. Russia came to me. :)