Thursday, March 26, 2009

[false advertising] aren’t there laws about this

Have you ever taken apart a Gillette speed stick deodorant and observed how much actual product is in there and how much of the opaque container is taken up by the wormwheel?

Have you bought frozen pizza in a box, only to discover that the ‘deep fill’ base, ‘generously topped’ with pepperoni, as the pic on the box indicates, results in 93% dough, the rest made up of a wipe of tomato paste, thin outcrops of cheese here and there and a total of five ultra-thin slices of pepperoni?

Isn’t there some law about advertising standards?

The UK is supposed to have some of the strictest around and yet what about the internet service providers, for example?

Or take my Vodaphone. Overrides turn unanswered calls into voicemails which are then charged way over the call rate and the settings don't let you control what comes in and you've been charged for.


CherryPie said...

You might be able to get the voicemail feature turned off. I can on my network and a friend of mine has done it on his phone which is on a different network to me.

dearieme said...

My GP told me not to use deoderants because they stop you sweating, which is unhealthy. At least, that's what I understood him to say.


Oh you shouldn't have said that...I may get the urge to speed dial-leaving loooooooooooooong drawn out messages! :)


That's antiperspirants,which is true. Deoderants contain too much aluminum which is also bad for us.