Tuesday, February 17, 2009

[pro-liberi] have a read of this one

There's a new blogger in the firmament who calls himself Lord T, of all things, and he has a blog called Pro-Liberi [or For the Children].

You might not agree with all he has to say but his ideas on the future are definitely down to earth, practical and sometimes even amusing. What he's about can be found here.

Here's a selection:

On surveillance devices:

I see us dropping sugar cube sized devices in the garden to watch for intruders and they use bluetooth or WiFi to call our phones to warn us. Put one in the frame of your bike and it will shout out if it goes missing. Get the kids to swallow one in the morning so you know where they are every minute of the day.

On DIY doctoring:

I like the idea of doing testing at home. Many people wait and wait, myself included, until we are convinced something is wrong before we go and see a Doctor. By then it may be too late. Home testing however seems an ideal solution such as was proposed here for bowel cancer.

On evolution:

A boy has been born in the US with 24 digits on his hands and feet. Six on each hand and foot. Read the full story here. Now is this a move towards the next stage in our evolution? More fingers would be handy whilst typing and allow a better grip on tools. Not sure about the toes though.

I imagine Lord T is going to get quite a bit of comment, positive and negative, with views like those and others.



Well, I have been over there qnd I welcome another misogynist on the sphere.
This guy makes me want to run over and join the Feminists!

angus said...


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I believe I am too old to delve deeply into the future since I'll not be reaching much of it. However, I find the possibilities fascinating.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sounds interesting - going to have a look.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Blimey! Just saw Uber's comment - MUST have a look!


I was hoping you'd happen along, Welshcakes.

dearieme said...

If a separate Women's 200m race is allowed, why not a 200m race for everyone who is not of West African descent? This women's race business is a dangerous precedent, the thin edge of the wedge.

CherryPie said...

Maybe I am missing something...

Oh! No! It is because I have been to a TU meeting today where they were talking about special reps for LBGT, for Black people and for Women. Mmm! we are TU reps and we represent everyone equally, doesn't the setting up of all these different groups marginalise them and alienate others?

James Higham said...

Oh aren't these comments good today?

I've just been laughing out loud at Uber's and Dearieme's and love Welhcakes' 'blimey'.

Nick, you may well be right.

Cherie - that's exactly the point.

Angus - that's my line :)