Thursday, February 19, 2009

[new feudalism] defence might become a consideration

With the accession of the messiah in America, it’s becoming increasingly important over there which firearm to choose to defend your family and your constitution.

Now let me say from the outset that this site in no way, shape or form is promoting the use of guns or saying that you should rush out and buy one.

In fact, in Britain, where everything is completely in order and the government is much loved, where there is no culture of guns, no terrorism and complete racial harmony and if you did buy one, you’d end up incarcerated in a coffin with spikes on the inside, even if you made it that far, my advice is not to even think of purchasing any weaponry, of any sort, under any circumstances, at any time nor to consider, in the least, defending your family.

However, just for interest’s sake, in a lawless land somewhere on a far-off island, these might be your considerations:

Let’s face it, the main decision in your choice of weapon is going to be 9mm or 0.45. Whilst the stopping power of the 0.45 is desirable, the 9mm is far more readily available.

My personal choice would be the Heckler & Koch UMP. Wiki says:

As originally designed, the UMP is chambered for larger cartridges than the MP5. This was done in order to provide more stopping power against armored targets as well as increase the effective range over the MP5.

However, using a larger cartridge results in more recoil, making the weapon more difficult to control when firing in fully-automatic mode.

To counter this effect, the cyclic rate of fire was decreased to around 600 rounds per minute, making it one of the slower submachine guns in the market.

Such a slow rate of fire makes burst-fire settings impractical, yet many users cite the practicality of the 3-round burst or 2-round burst setting as a desirable feature in a submachine gun.

The only other one I’d look at is the HK MP5K. Wiki says:

It is widely considered to be one of the best close quarter battle (CQB) weapons in the world, especially considering its size. Its small size and low weight (2 kg / 4.4 Lbs) allow it to be easily concealed under clothes, in a car, or in a suitcase, and allows for high mobility, even in crowds.

A special bag and suitcase have been designed, not only to carry the weapon in, but also to fire it from. Both have a hole in them, from which the bullets are fired. The suitcase's "trigger" is in the handle, but when using the bag, you must open it and grip the trigger as you would normally.

Needless to say, this feature provides near-ultimate stealth.

The only directly notable disadvantage is a seriously decreased effective range (only 25 m / 82 ft), due to its shorter barrel (115 mm [4.5 in] instead of 225 mm [8.9 in]) and lack of shoulder stock (which makes the weapon more difficult to aim).

So it comes down to requirements in the end. Stealth is not something I’d ever be interested in but stopping power under attack is.

Hence my preference for the UMP and in a pistol, the M1911.

In my novels, I thought out the weaponry you’d use in a paired combination with your wife, say, giving her the more versatile close range guns and retaining the ultimate stoppers for yourself, if only on the grounds of weight and size.

Anyway, have a think about it but of course, forget any idea that you’d actually buy any of these, even if you could. Remember, in the coming troubles, you are to be left completely defenceless. That’s what the rule of lauranorder is all about.

For heaven’s sake, if you want to play about with guns, join your local TA.


TBR said...

You can buy a pump action shot gun and or winchester rifle in this country. Both would be capable of stopping annoying statists.

Not that a need for that sort of action would ever occur in this country. Because of course we all love our fine government. I was, like you James, merely refering to a far off 'No Place'.

Lord T said...

Shotgun is much better for home defence than any SMG.

Plus, in this far away country, you can be sure that government forces will be equipped with similar SMGs and, as the range is limited, you will be suffering from lead posioning pretty quickly. Although not for long.

BobG said...

My preference is for the 1911 and a pump shotgun, if I had to limit the choice. Of course, I have a fair collection at home to choose from, and the choice could vary depending on conditions.

Andrew Allison said...

Ah, the right to defend yourself, you family and your property, without the risk of being incarcerated yourself. We must be living in a far-off land.

Wolfie said...

Personally I prefer the sword, much more becoming a gentleman.

CherryPie said...

You do know if you defend yourself, you will be the one who gets the charge against you?

Trust me it's true!


You can't beat a Tommy gun for looks. And gun accessorizing IS important.

Matt said...

From 30 feet in a shotgun is the best self-defense weapon you can have. I personally (if I had one) would use a Remington (preferably an autoloader as opposed to pump action) loaded with .00 Buckshot. As far as pistols go, I'd carry a Colt M1911 A1 as I looove .45 ACP but they're a bit un-concealable (and I don't have a fanny pack readily available to conceal one)..therefore, I have a Ruger LCP which is chambered for .380 ACP. Granted it's a small caliber and the magazines only hold six rounds, the pistol is concealable as it comes! It's about the size of my cell phone. I have it in my pocket and nobody ever knows it's there. Once I get more money, I'd stock up on military caliber chamebered weapons like AR-15s that way if Barry decides to take them away we'll still have a common cartridge in use.

Matt said...

There should be no . before #00. Sorry!

James Higham said...

TBR - I'm off to get one.

Lord T - welcome. Lead poisoning. :)

Bob - Yes, I lean to the 1911. It feels right, doesn't it?

Andrew - indeed.

Wolfie - you're not allowed to be a romantic these days.

Cherie - I can believe it. Were you done for killing a predator? :)