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[armageddon] and the view from har karmel

Kishon Valley, where the Big One's scheduled for

This is excerpted form Chapter 20 of the last book of mine, where two political and economic refugees from a Britain and France which are in the process of falling apart in 2009, have found their way to Har Karmel, where they’re living with the local Druze [don’t ask]. The world seems out of kilter and Josephine [no smiles please] is musing about it.

The opinionated character she’s talking to is her husband, Hugh Jensen, on the topic of a possible scenario for the end of the world.
By the way, this sort of dialogue only occurs every few chapters. Usually it’s more down to earth.

"You couldn’t have written the script, she mused.

But she wanted her question answered. Why? Why had the world come to this state? What mechanism was in place? All right, Hugh would say it was the cabals and their ancient meddling and undermining of society in every nation on earth. Yes, she saw that principle and had brushed up against this evil herself. It existed, yes.

But why was society somehow able to resist it for years and then suddenly, didn’t seem able to resist it?

She aired her thoughts with him, fearing the response might take hours.

Hugh had two modes.

If he knew something, he gave a lecture and she wasn’t averse to these as they didn’t go on forever and there was time to put the coffee on. On the other hand, if he didn’t know, he tended to ask her opinion and then sometimes they came to the answer between them.

‘I don’t know,’ he answered. ‘I have ideas, that’s all.’

[plot specific part deleted]…………… [continues below]

‘At this moment, we’re in a Druze village, not accepted by them because they don’t assimilate but welcome as guests.

Scenario - someone forty years old in Britain or Paris is waking up in his terrace house or apartment, going to his ensuite bathroom for a shower then into the kitchen for breakfast.

You know the early morning routine – organizing the kids for school, getting ready for work. What should they care? They’re going into their office culture for the day, with all its worries. They’re expected to toe the line, give 120% to their firm, accept restrictions on their movements and they want to avoid trouble.

So they stay low and do what they do. Their opinions are manipulated by the tele and the newspaper, a bit by the internet. Their imaginations are limited. Soon they’ll be told that it’s inefficient to carry so many cards, that card and mortgage debt was behind the recession and now it’s a better way, a safer way to avoid future problems of this kind if people could draw money from the veri-chip in the arm.

You saw it in Casino Royale.

Only it’s not just a chip with all their personal data – it’s also a low level controller. These people are now semi-zombies, putting out their bins, watching their teles, going to work. They take approved holidays and believe they’re exercising free will, especially at the laugh-fests called party-political elections.

They take the holiday to the Costa del Cheapo and not to Luzerne because they can afford the former. They can afford it because it’s been made affordable and the other has been made unaffordable, to keep people like them out. The reason they can’t afford it is because the price of a house and car are outrageously above their income scale, forcing them to work more hours for less and thus keeping them under control. And they’re the lucky ones – with jobs. The others are already slaves to the whims of the state.

Along come a couple of mavericks like us, sprouting about cabals and Mandelson and the Bilderbergers and to them, it’s like so much science fiction. It’s meant to appear that way so that subversives like us don’t get any hold on their imaginations.

It’s a done deal.

So, travelling along the rails they run on, they don’t wish the boat to be rocked, to mix metaphors. The penalties for harbouring people like us, claiming to fight for freedom but in reality just bringing a heap of trouble down on their heads, are increasingly dire. So, although they won’t turn us in to the authorities, neither will they harbour us.

Without that sustenance, we starve.

You see, there’s no reason, in their minds, formed from the adulterated education system they’ve come through, plus the media pressure, to think otherwise, other than they do. They’ve been effectively dumbed down. Real debate is a thing of the past, pub conversations don’t exist any more, 18th century coffee shop dialogue is something from a history book.’

‘The internet.’

‘Yes, the internet. Greater and greater cost to be in it, no time because your job and family are taking 120% of your life awake now and your kids face social pressures not there two generations ago, more and more pressure to twitter on and remain shallow instead of looking at anything more fundamental.

It’s Stepford Wives stuff.

Oh what a beautiful photo. Yes it is. Oh what a great recipe. Someone actually addressing issues or trying to, gets about four readers a day. To get five hundred people a day reading you, you need to either have tits, bums and aeroplanes, with witty lines which make you laugh or a lot of beautiful photos and youtubes.

The internet pundits think they’re free but they’re just as tyrannized by the demand for the quick grab in eight lines, with links, as the MSM hack is by his sub-editors and Bosses such as ‘Dirty’ Desmond.

So, with the people already softened up for the kill, millions unemployed and feeding off Mother Pig, along comes the contrived depression which we’re told is worldwide, not just in Britain.

‘Or France.’

‘Or France.’

‘Or America or Canada or Australia.’

‘All right, point taken.’

‘So go on.’

‘Where was I?’

‘People softened up for the kill.’

‘Right. The loose coalition of greedy people, otherwise known as the bankers and high executives of the world, are also slaves themselves, which the unemployed yob can never see and there is an agenda coming through to them which was sold to the executive-slaves long ago at symposia and sundry meetings - that the future is global.

The people pushing these things are many, such people as Javier Perez de Cuellar, Jim McNeill, Maurice Strong, William D. Ruckelshaus, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Friedman the writer, Al Gore, Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, James Lovelock, Brian Swimme, Paul Gorman, Thomas Berry, Rev. James P. Morton Patricia M. Mische … can’t remember any more names just now.

Some are fellow travellers, some are key people in the push.

It doesn’t take too much research to see that if this was some sort of genuine belief in the Earth Mother, that would be fine but the real money pouring into these things and into the whole environmental hijacking and carbon footprint fraud shows that there’s a far more serious agenda going on.

And they’re obsessed with getting their way - Lisbon in Ireland twice -’

‘Lisbon’s not in Ireland, Hugh.’

‘No, I meant … doesn’t matter. You’re right. Anyway, my mate once came up with a case in America where they tried to get a piece of anti-gun legislation for. ‘How long have you been trying?’ ‘Oh, eleven years.’ How’s that for obsession? In the end, people were so bored with it, they just allowed it through. Didn’t even turn up to vote. That’s what we’re up against.’

‘Why would they bring the same piece of legislation year after year?’

‘Well, they changed the wording, of course but they had to have it because it was a key part of the whole agenda.

Where’s all this stuff stemming from?

From exactly the same families who funded Lenin and Trotsky, the French Revolution, the two World Wars and Vietnam/Korea. The film The Brotherhood of the Wolf was not based on fiction though it was a mish-mash in itself. The Round Table groups are only the outward manifestations of the true money and the true money itself is just a blind for those really behind the whole damned thing.’

‘I get the idea. How do you know?’

‘I do and I don’t. Let me turn it around. If you saw a National Council of Churches of Christ listed alongside Global Education Associates on the UN list, would you assume that the former are Christian?’

‘Of course.’

‘That’s because you don’t really know what a Christian is. You read the gospels and it’s quite clear that the Word is a word of mouth thing for the hearts and minds of each individual. There’s no such thing as a World Council in this faith. It’s a far more organic thing. The only people pushing World Councils of this, Global Fora of that, are people of a certain mindset and the people attending these establishment and development meetings are the same people who are into Common Purpose, the WTO and so on.

What the hell is World Trade anyway, written with capital letters? Trade is two people wanting to sell or barter. So what’s a WTO when it’s at home?

It’s a cabal, that’s all it is. It’s a group with obscene levels of assets and where do the bulk of those come from in the first place?’

‘I’m sure you’re going to tell me.’

‘Well, let me put it back to you. What are the greatest money spinners of the past decades? Remembering that in coming decades, things like water supply are going to be the new issues.’

‘Er … military equipment. Hmmm … the drug trade. Prostitution.’

‘Especially child prostitution and the decimation of eastern Europe. Go on.’

‘Oil, gas. Just food, I suppose.’

‘In other words, just list down the major money spinners in the world and turn the question round – why would these people not invest in these?’

‘Moral reasons. Because it’s wrong.’

‘Who says it’s wrong to exploit Ukrainian girls? By whose code? The Judaeo-Christian tradition, Moses, that code says it’s wrong.

In Casino Royale, le Chiffre was asked by the terrorist leader, ‘Do you believe in God?’ Interesting question in a James Bond film. Le Chiffre’s answer was, ‘No. I believe in a reasonable rate of return.’

I wonder how many people picked up on that?

Or else it’s the real god of the old money and their religion states: ‘Do as thou will.’ Business is business. The misery of someone like Magdalena is the same as the flow of oil – it all produces steady money.’

‘I forgot land. Land rentals.’

‘Of course. Leaving aside the little man, the landlord who buys up thirty houses and rents them out, the big land rentals are a huge source. Now my question to you – who gave them these lands in the first place? I mean, back in the mists of time, you can read of the ‘ancient family who have occupied this estate since the dawn of time’ and you ask yourself, ‘Who gave them that land?’

‘The strongest took it.’

‘Who were the strongest?’

‘Oh, I don’t know, Hugh. The Kings.’

‘Like the Merovingians in your case? Who made them Kings? There was a Monty Python skit on that, in a film called the Holy Grail.’


‘Never mind. You’re a French k-niget. Who made these people Kings?’

‘They just were.’

‘So in the time when giants roamed, the giants became the Kings? Who were the giants?’

‘I haven’t a clue but you seem to. Why don’t you just tell me?’

‘Why should I tell you? Do the reading yourself. To answer it, look at the type of gobbledegook we’re getting out of these people. See if I can remember one. Oh yes. Try this:

‘We have within our reach the promise of renewed America. We can find meaning and reward by serving some purpose higher than ourselves — a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light.’ George Bush Senior. Pure illuminati.

What’s happening is, while the legion of believers in the new humanism and the dawn of man honestly believe that they’re helping create a Brave New World, that they’ve on from the religious nonsense as a blogger I liked, the Thunderdragon, once said, while they’re happy to go along with the new persecution of Christianity, even to the point of painting signs on the sides of buses, what the hell has that to actually do with humanism, the new Renaissance?

The answer? Someone is obsessed with the Nazarene Carpenter. Someone makes out that the faith He spawned is a modern-day irrelevance and then goes to enormous trouble to suppress it. Why?’

‘You’re saying because it’s true?’

‘Or even if you won’t accept that, then it’s at least a great threat to the new order from people who do actually believe it. It really does seem to be getting in the way of his plans.

But the joke is, that while his legion of devotees to the new dawn of man really believe tat we are in control of our own destiny, he himself knows full well what he’s engineering and he’s saying nowt, knowing no one believes in him either. He can live with that for the present.’

‘What’s nowt?’

‘Never mind. He’s saying nothing.’


‘The one behind all the trouble in the first place. The Thirteen families are mere accolytes in this context.’

‘If it’s who I think you’re talking about, then what chance do you have? You’re just an ant in this context.’

‘You’ve heard of David?’

She laughed. ‘You’re comparing yourself to David?’

‘I could, if I believed my own rhetoric. This is how megalomanics start, false messiahs who promise a new ‘moral authority’. I can never be a megalomaniac as long as I’m on the team I’ve joined.’

‘Oh really?’ She was highly amused. ‘You’re giving a good rendition of one.’

‘I’m a mere slave, a serf with a benign master. I’ve sold my soul.’

‘To the devil, eh?’

‘To the other side. It doesn’t have any room for megalomaniacs. You try that game and you get the chop. All I have is a small amount of perspicacity and use it for what I believe in, what you also believe in.’

‘What do I believe in?’

‘Mankind. The poor sods who have no defences of their own. The blind fools who think that lying low and trying to prolong their bourgeois comfort is going to continue without actually enslaving themselves. Or else they do know and are trying to ignore it, hoping it will all go away.’

She smiled again – it had turned into a lecture after all. ‘My next question, Hugh: ‘What’s going to happen next? How is this all going to unfold?’ The simple questions in life, you see.’ She laughed.

‘Josephine, every generation, especially of Christians, believes it’s the end times and can point to things in society which indicate it. The French Revolution and Napoleon must had to have seemed such a time. Ditto Hitler.

Even in Britain, if you look at the industrial revolution, which was anti-people by the way and the days of Oliver Twist, it must have seemed pretty bad. Transporting people to Australia for stealing a loaf of bread. Fields of Athenry.’

‘I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.’

‘Sorry,’ he slowed down. ‘I get on a roll at times.’

‘Most times.’

‘Guilty. All I’m saying is that no one had a clue what was going on and how to deal with it, except the perpetrators, of course – the old money, the ancient one [s]. People did think it was the end.’

‘Now you can produce doctored studies commissioned by the very people I’m attacking, refutations … but it does seem as if these times now have something different about them.’


‘Start with overpopulation. Phil the Greek was not wrong in this and it would be better if we could cull a few billion.’

‘Phil the Greek?’

‘Forget I mentioned him. But it has got to an induced state where the total grain-cropping soon won’t cover the mouths to feed. That’s one thing. The buying up, damming and meting out of the world’s water is another. This will create huge population movement pressures, as war does. Makes it easier to go in and cull people.

Look at the moral state of the young. The old have always berated the young for being hopeless dead-heads and not obeying their parents’ codes but this seems different to me.

There’s a worldwide situation where … well, let’s start with teenage pregnancies, which didn’t exist two generations ago and delve right back into the past. There were always teen pregnancies – they were just not reported – but there wasn’t a culture then where it was seen as normal for a fourteen year old to have to give her body away to be part of the gang. Where it was just taken as read and now the only question left is having a nurse in every school to ‘advise’ how to have sex better.

There was never a worldwide internet educator like the dark games which have so many enthralled. I’m speaking of Russia here but almost every – and I mean almost every – young person goes clubbing two or three times a week. At those clubs is the same culture constantly being fed to them. There are no other social meeting places any more where good values can be found – they’ve all closed down.’

‘Our parents thought that Francoise Hardy and the Beatles were devil music.’

‘True. Every generation judges by what they see. But everything in life now, from the supply of footwear to values to recessions, is global. Create a crisis in America and a bank collapses in Iceland or Russia.

There’s a body of opinion, especially in Britain, which believes that the country is stuffed, absolutely knackered, for maybe fifty years. They see every government in the world being socialist today. I wonder if they ever ask, ‘For what reason? For what purpose?’ And hand in hand with that go Secrecy, Surveillance, Grassing on your Neighbour, State Control through the chip in your wrist whch is coming up and so on.

People are being manipulated to find scapegoats.

A Christian is an easy scapegoat but his time comes later, when he tries his rearguard action to avoid being wiped out and is labelled an insurgent and dumped in the terrorist bag. For now, the next major obstacle to the ancient ones’ moves in the Middle-East is Islam.

So what do they do? They provoke the Muslims who are notoriously thin-skinned and hey presto – 911, 7/7, Beslan, a few heads cut off, lovingly caught on video with someone chanting from an upside down Koran.’

‘The Muslims don’t need any provocation to threaten Europe,’ she reminded him. ‘They have their own world agenda – look at Sicily and Spain. Look at the banyules in Paris.’

‘That’s your patch, sorry. All right, they do have their agenda, fed from the mosques and religious schools but the average Muslim is not even interested in that stuff, except by lip service, ‘Yeah, yeah,’ on a Friday. It’s fermented by their druids.’

‘Muslims don’t have druids.’

‘Not by name but it’s the same thing. The Romans weren’t fools, you know, wiping them out.’


‘Off on a tangent again, I’m afraid. What I’m getting at is that the reaction of the average Brit to the whole thing – the way they’re given privileged treatment by the government, with their large families, the way their leaders make incredibly provocative statements to the press, with their MCB and radicals, the economic depression, the loss of jobs and so on and so on, the scapegoat is sitting ready for the explosion.’


‘Sherlock Holmes said it: The Englishman is a patient creature, but at present his temper is a little inflamed, and it would be as well not to try him too far. From The Last Bow. There’s a vengeance coming and it needs a target. Now, as the sentiments in the film V for Vengeance are admirable but there’s no genuine chance of blowing up parliament or getting close to the cabinet, people will look for targets in their own area.

The Muslims are as good as any.

The press feeds it with tales of some new outrage where a Muslim is making new demands or getting preferential treatment and there’s your scapegoat on a plate. The average joe never ever questions it. He feels anger when he’s manipulated to, he feels it for someone he’s manouevred to. It’s why people went off to war, chanting Lily Marlene when they got there.

It’s why women went round giving white feathers to any man who didn’t want to kill people. I’m ex-military and it’s a simplistic world view. You’re either a patriot or a traitor. If you think, ‘Hey, this is wrong. We have no beef with those people,’ then you’re a traitor. Take the Anzacs and Turks at Gallipoli. They didn’t want to kill each other but they were prepared to fight for their country though, to the bitter end. I am too.

They never stop to question why the Hamiltons of the world sit safely in their command ships giving the orders, why the Light Brigade charges for no good reason or why Custer’s mob all die on the say-so of a non-comp with delusions of grandeur.’

‘I’m sure, Hugh, that you know what you’re saying but can we get back to what’s going to happen?’

‘Yes. With society tenderized against the Muslims, hey presto, a situation is engineered in Israel which results in the new temple being built. The Muslims see this as the beginning of the end and mobilize. In comes the antichrist, Israel’s champion and he promises to defend them and to fulfil their long-awaited destiny. Remember, Israel prays night and day for the Messiah to return, conveniently denying that he did, 2009 years ago or so.

Russia doesn’t like the look of this and forms a pact with China and the Arab world. There’s the cauldron.

Now it gets out of hand. The Ayatollahs call for the long-awaited uprising all over the known world and suddenly there’s Kosovo ready to erupt and the thing goes pear-shaped, Kosovo, which the west glibly handed over on a plate, not understanding that it was the same leadership who ensured that who are now ensuring this eruption.

Now we’re back to a First World War scenario, WW1 occurring because someone set a match to a tinderbox of alliances. And who is the greatest alliance maker of today?’


‘Right. China now has its seaports in place and its beautiful new Karakoram Highway through Kashmir, largely made possible through western money and know-how. Up to this point, China’s been ‘nourishing obscurity and hiding its light under a bushel’ but now it moves. Thus the enormous numbers in the Kishon Valley, the Plain of Esdraelon, which we’re nicely sitting above right now in this house on Har Karmel.

India and Persia don’t want to miss out on the fun, nor Turkey, the new EU associate member which, surprise, surprise, suddenly went all fundamentalist a short time after EU accession but that’s another issue too.

I don’t know the exact mechanics of how it’s going to pan out and I’m not sure the enemy know either. I really believe they’ve merely built the house of cards and don’t know if it’s going to fall over right, left or indifferently. They just know it must fall; in they walk and pick up the surviving pieces.’

‘Do you believe they’ll succeed?’

‘No. I feel they’re incompetents with huge ideas. A fellow blogger from my days of blogging, called himself Wolfie, said that I worried too much about the agenda and wickedness of these people. He knew them and they were non-comps, deep down. They’re prone to error. Look at the ludicrous spectacle of McKillop, Goodwyn et al -’


‘Non-comp bankers, total wood-ducks who had a confession session from the bottom of where the heart might have been found if they’d had them, at which they profusely apologized for not having done anything wrong.

No, with people like that in charge of the new order, I don’t think they’ll succeed.’

‘And yet we were inside Har Megiddon the other day and it seemed that there was some sort of destiny in store there.’

'You told me this Wolfie was a banker.'

'Well there are white witches and black witches, aren't there?'

Anyway, are you hungry? I’m ravenous.’

‘Let’s eat.’

Munching on a piece of pitta bread, she said, ‘Anyone hearing the things you just said would think your’e insane or at the least, that you have an overstimulated imagination.’

‘All I can say is that in 2006, I was rabbiting on about the bankers and how it was all about to go pear-shaped. I quoted a woman who said it was planned – that there’d be a recession, the calling in of loans and so on. Readers thought that was nuts. In 2008, they changed their minds. Who’s to say that by 2013, the next part won’t have happened but by then, it will be too late for any ‘I told you sos.’

‘And where will we be?’

‘Rounded up by then.’

‘Do you enjoy life, Bebe?’ "


Wolfie said...

A white witch?

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Interesting story too.

James Higham said...

Thanks, Wolfie. I wondered who'd struggle through this.