Friday, February 20, 2009

[airports] world's most annoying

Which one is worst?

Heathrow has been voted the worst international airport for passport queues and baggage problems, a survey of air travellers said on Friday.

New York's JFK and Los Angeles International airports were ranked second and third worst in the survey by online travel and social network (Where Are You Now?).

The survey asked 2250 passengers about passport control, baggage handling, customs and security at major international airports.

Can't argue with that.


John B said...

Hmm. I suppose it depends on when people last travelled; I've used T5 about six times over the last six months and it's been an entirely adequate and stress-free airport experience.

(if I had to transfer between T123/T4/T5 it'd be a different story, but what kind of maniac would book a flight that required them to do that...?)

Damon Lord said...

I try to never use Heathrow if I can help it. I've only used Heathrow 4 times, in 1999 and 2000, and the experience was all right, but it's been easier for me to travel from other airports in the UK that I never went again via Heathrow.

Anonymous said...

Chicago O' Hare or Midway, it doesn't matter which! I always either a) lose luggage or b) will have a flight delayed/cancelled/(or when I was flying back from Spain)be kicked off my own flight even though I bought a ticket!!!!! I avoid it like the plague, when possible!

jams o donnell said...

I hate HEathrow, but then my view is coloured by working at Terminal Three for over 4 years.

CherryPie said...

I have only ever tried Manchester, Birmingham and Gatwick... The only problems I have incurred were due to security situations!

xensen said...

Heathrow is bad. I got stuck and ended up making a post about how to spend the night there. Maybe jams o donnell could have given me tips.

But Charles DeGaulle surrely has to be a contender.

Gracchi said...

I actually came through Heathrow today and it wasn't too bad. Looking at your list they are all big airports handling tons of passengers- just as a thought, I wonder if there is a maximum capacity of an airport beyond which it gets very difficult to run.


I hate Heathrow with a passion. I especially hate you have to walk miles from your plane to luggage carousel.

James Higham said...

John B - precisely.

Damon - Gatwick?

Matt - Don't know it. I know Tom Bradley. They say it's bad but I never had problems.

Jams - it would be.

Cherie - tell more, dearest.

Xensen - de Gaulle, yes, I was forgetting that, Lovely reception.

Tiberius - they nearly killed me there one day. :)

Uber - yes.