Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[realpolitik] asking a terminator to be gentle

Yeah, right.

If little boys bait and taunt a rottweiler on a leash and that leash breaks, all the resolutions in the world calling for dog control will not save those boys. Those boys are in real trouble and unfortunately some of the little girls hanging around with them are also going to be mauled.

It's tragic, the whole thing is better not to be - but that is realpolitik.


CalumCarr said...

You equate the vicious obscenity of the Israeli killing bombardment with realpolitik.

I thought I knew you, James. I was wrong.

anonant said...

There is the story about the boys and the Tiger which also did not end well and that the Tiger was in a cage.
Israel - Palestine
I don't now which is the Rott and which is the boy but both have a future that is going to be rotten.

James Higham said...

Calum, I have always [and will continue to do so] looked at both sides of a question.

Rather than jumping on a bandwagon and acting from moral indignation, the facts need to be looked at dispassionately first.

Now, in this particular matter, all I've said in the post is that it was predictable what Israel would do. It is realpolitik, which anonant seems to recognize.

No one's doubting that the future of it will be rotten.