Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[morning chinwag] over a cup of tea

We were having a chat by the fire just now and what came out of it was:

1. There should be rigidly defined areas where central government can interfere and many where it cannot.

2. Some things government could handle, they're not, e.g. if there was a problem in some part of the country which was depressed, resources from the rest of the country could go in there to get it back on its feet, as long as the resources were from within the country.

3. Let's face it, Britain was great as Britain but the intransigence of the Scottish and Welsh politicians has skewed the landscape. Nothing wrong with an assembly and England also needs one badly but the fragmentation of the nation as a whole is not good for any constituent part of Britain. The EU is the other culprit in this. Take them out of the equation and the home countries will think twice.

4. Why is it that whenever things go wrong, governments start printing money, nationalizing and people blame Keynes? Keynes had a whole theory but governments take one small part of it and distort it out of all proportion.

5. We aren't producing anything. We're big in the tertiary areas but secondary industry is dead in the water. Not many are plunging national capital into national manufacturing - it produces no short term profits and no one wants to be burnt in a government policy inimical to manufacturing. cottage industries are similarly affected.

That's as far as we got because a phone call interrupted it.


Thud said...

A Happy and prosperous New Year to all here from everybody over the water.

Gracchi said...

Chinwags over cups of tea are the way to go! Happy New Year old chap and I hope the next one is a good one.