Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[blogfocus] last gasp before new year

Gallimaufry charts the changes in this definitive piece on ordinal numbers.

Nick's bytes had a piece on Hanukah, which I didn't know was from December 21st to 29th.

Andrew Allison asks whether bishops should get involved in politics. Should psychatrists get involved in medicine too, I'm also wondering.

Blogrightreading asks why he is working on December 30th and has a chart to illustrate his point.

Angus asks if the New Year's Honours List is really necessary.

Cherie brings us the vital news about the leap second tonight.

Flip chart fairy tales asks are HR managers ready for the recession.

Hookie has discovered that Hamas has legalized crucifixion.

Mark Wadsworth asks what do "other public servants" do all day long?

The Quiet Man has come to the conclusion that aliens are dicks.

Vox Day says that "Unless your degree is going to lead directly to a six-digit salary, it's almost definitely not worth going into debt to buy it."

Tom Paine thinks that "elderly Christians probably feel the need NOT to lie, but they are being old-fashioned."

JPT tells us that all the gold ever mined would fit into two swimming pools.


Dave Cole said...

Happy new year, Mr Higham. Here's to more blogging in MMIX!


CherryPie said...

Thanks :-)