Wednesday, December 31, 2008

[2008] a short retrospective

Health of the blogosphere

It does seem to be waning. So many blogs we knew from two years ago have fallen away and even top bloggers [1] have been taking extended rests. Of course, new bloggers come in all the time to replace them and small blogs which persevered have become more mainstream and better known.

Regulation, which reared its ugly head last year, together with the two tier system, will become the norm, most like.

My personal world

Coming into 2008, things were not at all disastrous on the personal front, at least visibly. Real life work was going on swimmingly and friendships were being made all the while. In my corner of the sphere though, there was a major eruption which peaked in January, March, July and November and that’s been catalogued and can be read even now.

It’s a matter of record that Moscow decided that all foreigners who’d been “hanging about” for too long, according to them, were to be given the boot and in my case, I was ill-prepared to cope at that particular time and still am now, despite advances.

The public sphere

You've read the blogs across the blogosphere and have seen the MSM. Other pundits have recorded the fall, the long designed, unsustainable madness which drove the debt-based economy and now here we all are, with worse to come in 2009.

The good news is that there’ll be apparent recovery, led by messiahs but it will be as hollow as the bubble which has now burst. People will be so hell bent on believing it though that it will have a temporary effect until the real desolation and bankruptcy beneath become finally apparent to all.

The debt which the socialists have and will have yoked us with is actually only a concept. Countries are not individuals – for a start, they have limitless credit, despite Moodies and can unilaterally withdraw form a debt. The joke is that while we are heading for the hard-worked-for socialist panacea in society, the governments continue to embrace the capitalist concept of national debt.

2008 saw the education of the more intelligent and open-minded pundits who are now publishing what should have been published two years ago.

And so it came to pass

Many soothsayers now appear to be wise men in retrospect, at least to substantial portions of the sphere. David Icke’s lizards still remain David Icke’s lizards and yet some posts [2] now don’t seem so far-fetched, even finding their subject matter in Wiki and accepted as facts of life.

One of the major advances is how many people now are prepared to at least listen to the possibility that the social ills, the recessions and the wars are not a matter of accident. Appropriately, it took fantasy films like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace to entertain the notion of “we are legion”.

The next step will be for the inspired pundits to show that there is real William Blake insanity [3], banal desolation of the spirit and a twisted notion of the ideal world, behind the decisions of the movers and shakers. It’s still too early for the common man to take this one on board and he’ll still fall for the pronouncements from above, as he always has.

How many times have we heard, “Well I never could have believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.” You’re never going to see it with your own eyes [4], which doesn’t mean to say it isn’t happening.

The slide to feudalism

Ain’t no doubt about it, folks.

Whether we accept the economist’s model and observe the upturns and downturns of history, trying to predict the bucking bronco’s next move, which historically has meant recession, depression, war and recovery or whether we accept the apocalyptic scenario, the slide to ignomony, the road to hell, the trouble is that education, medicine, the law and the arts have all been crippled by a progressive occupation of key posts at all levels by a certain type of mindset.

Common Purpose is just one manifestation of a morally bankrupt mindset we are now in the grip of. Government has intruded so far into our private lives, even down to our rubbish bins, that a great inuring of people is taking place – inuring them to armed officers, to bizarre degrees of checks and balances, inuring them to militarization of civilian lives, inuring them to the incompetence and wastage, together with the destruction of the old parameters of national identity, religious persuasion, the family [under particular assault] and a feeling of self-worth in the old model we lived under.

This is the crime which has been committed by all who’ve aided and abetted this slide and even now, these PCers will swear blind that they are doing it for the good of society. Yeah? Look at society.

Hope springs eternal

It’s not for me to say. People will discover for themselves from where genuine comfort and solace can be found. We’re still too early in the process in 2008/9, some still have their homes, mortgages, cars, travel and jobs and so the traditional fallback of the have-nothings, the destitute and the rudderless will not kick in for a couple of years yet.

People could, if there was any Charismatic of an altruistic nature around, rather than a false prophet, a black noble, be pointed in the right direction. A kind act a day by each and every one of us, to someone outside our circle of family and friends, would be a start and would go a long way to breaking down the coming climate of suspicion and turning in your neighbour to the authorities. For a start, it would help with a sense of community, now increasingly eroded.

It seems to me that we can come out of this and stall the forces driving us ever onwards but it’s not going to come by us putting up the shutters and acting each man for himself.

That’s the divide and rule principle.

The refusal to assist a neighbour is as bad as those neighbours expecting that they have the automatic right to help themselves to someone else’s resources, someone in the street who made hay whilst the sun shone. That sort of attitude leads to guns mounted on front porches.

Any recovery is going to involve two things – ridding ourselves of [or at least emasculating and marginalizing] the elite who always fear the people and the second aspect is at the micro-level – rediscovering sanity, putting aside the consumer madness and rediscovering old values which always stood us in good stead before.

There are some I need to personally thank for their kindnesses and friendship. I do thank them very much. There are new blogfriends and that's always a delight. This blog wishes all with constructive and kind hearts the very best in 2009.


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Happy New Year, my friend!

May you be blessed much happiness and many joys in 2009!

May the world be blessed with Peace & Justice in 2009!

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Heres hoping for a better 2009.

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Happy New Year, kind sir.