Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[thanksgiving day] best wishes to the americans

Not a great time to be a turkey, I should have thought. It's Thanksgiving tomorrow in the U.S. and I'm getting in early to wish everyone the very best of days and don't die of consumption.

Things to be thankful for - you still have an unaltered constitution, there's still a great sense of nation below the elite level, you still kick butt in sport and you are still, for the moment, the possessor of a political system that has basically worked well.

You're also a friendly people. To you also, the world hegemony of the English language is largely due.

So, best of luck with your day tomorrow.


BobG said...

Thank you for the kind wishes.


No one ever mentions the Indians.

Gracchi said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all and sundry

Its not that bad James for the Turkeys- there are always the ones who are pardoned. Incidentally I think the episode in which the press secretary has to choose a Turkey to pardon from the two brought to her is my favourite West Wing episode (just to clarify what happens one Turkey is pardoned but she cannot bear to kill the other and so gets the President to conscript the Turkey into the National Guard!)