Thursday, November 06, 2008

[niagara] la vie est peut-être belle

La meilleure chanson de Niagara! La barre est haute pour toutes ces pseudo-star que nous offrent les majors aujourd`hui. Niagara n`a pas de frontiere, la bonne muse n`a pas d`époque!

This brings back so many memories of my time in France when I had a French friend and we'd travel over cobblestoned back roads with dry stone walls to country farmhouses [used later in my second novel] whilst listening to her music on the car cassette player, including Cabrel and Niagara.

Like many French groups of the time, they had some excellent songs and others which were a bit dud. Generally they rocked and from St Malo to Lille, it was a good time to be in la belle France.

Vive la youtube. Ah, le nostalgie. Here is their site and here the wiki entry. If you like them, here is another good track.

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