Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[distractions] more problematic for the aged

This was quite interesting at the BBC today, concerning the brain tests on old and young subjects:

The older subjects did worse at the tests, and their brains responded more to the background buzzing and banging from the scanner itself. Other researchers have suggested that mental decline may be due to a decreasing ability to "tune out" irrelevant information from their senses.

This blogger would see himself as halfway between those two positions and the emergence of distractibility, whilst not yet an issue, could well become so fifteen to twenty years down the track. Other things which seem to go along with aging are a greater desire for peace and quiet, a slower response time but more positively, a greater capacity, possibly through experience, to make more reasoned decisions.


Anonymous said...

Nootropics, google it!

CherryPie said...

I must be OK then, I am well able to tune out the noise at work and it is noisier than ever now.


Actually,as long as one is properly stimulated, our brain function only decreases my somthing insigficiant like 5% by the age of 85.Providing they do not succumb to a neurological disease,which I hear blogging produces.

I read somewhere that peoples'speed of speech match the speed of their brain activity.