Wednesday, November 26, 2008

[bloody word verification] again

Whilst I applaud the wise people who have dispensed with the cursed, visitor-hostile monstrosity of word verification, nevertheless, with less people now doing it, there are leaner pickings for this recent collection:

GOOMAC, as in, "Hand me the Goomac to put on - baby's spraying again."

SURBENT, as in polite request from a lady of the night, "Excuse me, is Sur bent?"

PRETIOS, as in "beautiful Australian".

PREGIVES, as in "Darling pregives budget details."

OURGALLY, as in "Our gally just graduated from her fine arts course."

ROVETREE, as in the one Karl p--s up against.



I had a word verification the other day that stated: UFOCKY

Damon Lord said...

I originally put word verification on because I was bloody fed up with people posting ads in my comments box for me to later delete. I've got comment moderation on too, so I think I'll turn verification off now.