Wednesday, November 19, 2008

[black is white, white is black] a golden compass will get us back

Oh my goodness, there's no stopping this thing, is there? We're indeed in the times when they don't even bother disguising the message any more but a quote from Isaiah puts it in perspective:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

There's a war raging and it's an unknown war yet for most people still tied to their shopping centre lifestyle and credit card debt, the loss of all values except "do as you will" and the slow slide into the new feudalism.   Into this comes a film which would never have been made for children twenty years ago and it's straight black theology - the Golden Compass.

Where to start within the constraints of a blog post? 

In this heavily symbolic film [the first indicator], each person has no soul but a personal daemon beside them. The daemon is good, a protector [second indicator] and the Catholic Church is the Magisterium. Superimposing the clinical white torture chambers of the future [third indicator] on the "evil" church, all dissent is suppressed, everything is based on a lie, the black priests contrast with the fair-haired and white clad daemons, whose allies, the witches [fourth indicator] come to the rescue.

The evil church is experimenting on children, reducing them to spiritless robots called gobblers and it is up to the heroic gypsies, polar bears, witches and the star child to rescue them from the clutches of the church and their Russian speaking cossack guards. The dastardly deed is:

... cutting away the child's dæmon by a process called intercision which is equivalent to disconnecting their souls from their bodies [fifth indicator] ...

... precisely the aim of the dark side in RL and the diametric opposite of the aim of Christianity which is the synthesis of the spirit and body. But no one knows that any more, do they? No one has been brought up any more with any knowledge of the old scripture, which states this as clear as day.

This is meant to be a kids' film?  Bl--dy hell.   The kids learn to love black and distrust white.  Yeah, right on.

What impression did the film makers hope to make on kids? Nicole Kidman, Eva Green, Daniel Craig and many other stars should have ensured a perfect reception in kids' minds. "As of July 6, 2008, it had earned $372,234,864 worldwide."   

Not quite what they'd hoped for.

Near the end of the film, the high witch Eva Green, [my, she loves these roles, doesn't she], explains to the star child that the Magisterium is trying to take over the whole world and other worlds too, stifling free speech, regimenting people and that a war is coming which will consume everyone.

Now, that rhetoric and modus operandi is straight from the Illumined Ones and the world elite - has anyone ever heard a Christian church preaching that, even the Catholic Church? And yet because the ground has been made fertile over three decades now, with education, the media and the arts all white-anted, the anti-truth will be received wisdom for the zombified but for mavericks of the old school - it's going to be an uphill battle.

A blog post like this will only convince people that the blogger is off his brain, won't it?    Should this blog just lighten up and watch everyone sleepwalk to oblivion?   Not much else it can do.


Rick said...

Bravo for the exposition.

Doesn't this describe the modus operandi one particular religion? And it's not Christianity?

James Higham said...

I think many are awake up to this but as they are not particularly well disposed towards this particular religion, they say nothing. In doing so they are not assisting in the elimination of a persistent superstition but unwittingly in the enslavement of the whole society.

I say bravo to the people who stand up for the freedom of any worship, for the right to associate and for the right to free speech, Rick.

Wolfie said...

After watching this grotesque yet mediocre movie on DVD my wife was just about ready to take to the streets and burn a few cars with a Dawkin effigy atop. Didn't fool us and my enquiries about the office got the same response. Fear not, this crude instrument fooled only the foolish.

James Higham said...

Yes, Wolfie. I admit I'm biased but I wish they took on something like the tree huggers or plant worshippers or someone and then I could freely get stuck into those who would suppress them. I think many bloggers have their differences in politics and religion but we still recognize a common danger when we see it.


How can people be so stupid?
OR are they just as evil?

Anonymous said...

James, I hate to say this to you, but you've got the situation ass-backwards again.

First I'll copy over a post I left earlier on your "Romance" blog.

From My point of view.

The US debt has now grown to about 10% of global GDP after extracting US GDP. This is without precedent and unsustainable.

30% of US debt is held by non US entities, particularly foreign central banks. Developed nations hold approx 70% of their reserves in US$. Developing nations have less exposure.

Us credit market debt stands at $46 Trillion, 350% of US GDP. This is not sustainable, much will be defaulted.

The US does not want to make structural reforms, preferring to restart the debt creation machine. This requires continuous foreign subsidies from increasingly nervous foreign sources, for debt which will probably never be repaid.

No foreign nation wants to make the first move to shed the $, since it would cause severe depreciation of their existing forex balances, and probably provoke the worlds largest military superpower.

Nevertheless the inching to the exits is underway. The world holds its breath in case a shift occurs that will unravel nearly 40 years of financial/trade imbalances, in a global economic/financial earthquake of many-nation destroying consequences.

In congress the big 3 auto makers are begging for bridging loans to carry them into the next administration, that will be more forgiving than the current, which is solely focused on bailing out wall street federal related banks.
They should be reminded of the billions of taxpayer bailout under Clinton, in order to develop more fuel efficient/hybrid motors. They trousered the change and launched the SUV instead.
The irony is that funds will go to these felonious managements, when companies like Tesla Motors are closing the development of their all-electric saloon for lack of funds.

Starve the efficient to subsidise the inept criminals. That's the way.

The US is resisting change and operating a Mutually Assured Financial Destruction policy to maintain hegemony.
The UK is stuck between the US and EU agendas, thrashing from one policy to another, absolutely clueless and rudderless.

The historical European "Money Changers" financed William of Orange in the removal of the Stuart dynasty in England, the same "Money Changers" behind the BofE, set up in 1694, the same "Money Changers" (now diluted with some add-ons) who financed Napolean in Europe, and the English Gov't in England, the same "Money Changers" behind the set up of the Federal Reserve, in 1913, although a few US hangers on were then present.

The IRA got "Mountbatten" while he was fishing in Northern Ireland.
The family name had been changed from "Battenburg" (German with historical links to the house of Orange) during the first WW to avoid embarrassmet, similarly with the house of Hanover (German), to Windsor.

Every Fiat system has a mathematical limit, after which it must fail.
Every party behind the Fiat system, (Money Changers) will fight to the death of nations to preserve their hidden cartels.
Every politician, power broker, major player, globally, is bribed one way or another, into compliance with the agendas of the "Money Changers". (NWO)

Governments must retake their legislated ability to issue currency, not debt, if we are ever to emerge from perpetual bondage to the "Money Changes", and their O-So-Subtle influence, - an influence so subtle, so subtly built in to the economic system as to be indiscernible to ALL who do not deliberately search for it.

That is what is in the balance at the G20 meetings.
That is what the Press won't tell you.
The G13 want to change, - well most of them.
Given that the G7 are totally implicated in the "Money Changers Cartel", (while seeming to be opposed) the chances are slim.

The world enters a destructive period of global deflation/depression, while the hidden cartel fights for our continuing bondage.

Now for a bit of history.

In 1687, King James Stuart had 2 daughters by his first wife, Anne Hyde of Clarendon, as well as a young son by his second wife, the Italian noble-women Mary d'Este de Modena. The elder of the daughters, Mary, was married to Prince William of Orange, Stradhouder (chief magistrate of the Netherlands). It had been hoped that this alliance would calm the long standing dispute between Britain and Holland over interbational trading rights, but n the event it worked out to the contrary.
Given the situation of religious unrest in Britain, William saw his opportunity to dominate Britains trade from within and with approval from the Anglican Church, he put together an invasion force.
The Westminster parliament had denied King James the funds to maintain a standing army in peace-time, so when Williams assault came he had no means of defence.
With a substantial fleet of ships, and 6,000 men, William disembarked at Torquay on 5/11/1688 and immediately issued violent threats against James's family.
On 21st December 1688, James's second wife, Mary de Modena, disguised as an Italian laundress, and their infant son, Prince of Wales, were smuggled from London, across country, and via a small boat to Calais. Mary then contacted her cousin, King Louis 14th of France, who sent courtiers to transport her to the Chateau de Saint Germain-en Laye.
Back in London, James received an ultimatum from his son-in-law, William, stating that if James did not give up his crown immediately, then his entire family would be at risk. William at that point was unaware of the flight of James's wife, and son and Heir to the throne. Having no means to defend, James followed his family to Paris, and to the Stuart Palace of St Germain, which became his primary residence thereafter.
In London, with the support of the Anglican Whig aristocracy, Prince William convened an illegal Parliament at Westminster on 26th December, 1688, and the politicians were held at gunpoint to vote for a dynastic change.
Not all the Church of England hierarchy in the House of Lords were in opposition to King James. His supporters included Archbishop Sancroft of Canterbury, and the Bishops of Bath and Wells, Ely, Gloucester, Norwich, Peterborough, Worcester, Chichester, and Chester. They were all deprived of their sees and incumberances.
History has since been manipulated to suggest that James was displaced because he was a Catholic.
Factually, he was deposed to guarantee power to a parliament that was controlled by Anglican Supremacists and not elected by a democratic vote of the people.

In 1689, the "Bill of Rights" was introduced, stating that future British Monarchs would rule only with Parliamentary consent, and that MPs should be freely elected.
The Monarchical situation remains the same today. Lizzy is not a constitutional Monarch (appointed by the provisions of a people's written constitution) as other Monarchs in Europe.
The reason for the Bill of Rights was that although Queen Mary was a devout protestant, the Anglican ministers were concerned about Williams personal relationship with Rome.
Holland was the chief northern province of the independent Netherlands which had been previously attached to the Holy Roman Empire. WILLIAMS ARMY CONSISTED LARGELY OF CATHOLIC MERCENARIES FUNDED BY THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH (PRESSURED BY JESUITS), King James 2nd had assisted Louis 14th in his nations opposition to the Roman Empire, and it was anticipated by the Pope that with William in Britain this support for France would weaken.
In September 2001, documents were discovered in the Vatican revealing that Pope Innocent 11th had provided William with 150,000 scudi, (£3.5Million today)
This came as something of a blow to the people of Northern Ireland who had rationalised that Williams Orange men who prevented James Stuarts restoration attempt at the battle of the Boyne in 1690 were a protestant army, when in fact they were funded by the Vatican.
The Archivist of the Orange Order, Cecil Kilpatrick acknowledged that there had already been indications of ties between William of Orange and Pope Innocent 11th when a portrait of the two together had been discovered at Stormont in the 1930s. The portrait had been "disposed of".
So James, between scheming supremacist Anglicans, and the scheming war mongering, control seeking Vatican, and Vatican War Funding, you have to be careful who is black, and who is white. Things are never what they seem.

Now re-read my paragraph in the first part, relating to the "Money Changers" and reconsider things VERY carefully.

G'nite, buddy :-)

James Higham said...

So James, between scheming supremacist Anglicans, and the scheming war mongering, control seeking Vatican, and Vatican War Funding, you have to be careful who is black, and who is white. Things are never what they seem.

A point I've made often. The controllers of the church are no more Christian than Hitler and Stalin. Read my piece on the Pardoners.

Glad you can see that point too.

CherryPie said...

I have not seen the film but I have read all three books. I found them quite profound, you have to read all 3 to get the full story.

They talk of dogma and corruption and how true spirituality (truth) wins through. At a cost.

Children could read them and see nothing but an adventure story. But read on a different level there is a lot more to the story.

It doesn't matter if you read the books with the eyes of a child or on a deeper level, the ending is still bitter/sweet.

Anonymous said...

Glad you can see that point too.

Once again it looks as if you've speed read my post and missed a point. In fact many points, as you've done in the past.

Yes, I know what you've been saying for a while.
However, I disagree with your take on, umm, "Spirituality".
Buddy, it's in your mind, some would say it's in the collective mind, at least for some of the population.
If you need to believe in some "higher authority", many would say it is a personal weakness, an insecurity.
Morals do exist outside of personality, and within coherent societies they are held in common. The fact that morals vary between societies and religions, each professing to be "The One" just shows the sandy foundations of the various belief systems.

I understand what you are trying to say. And I don't care which belief system is current favourite, to me it's just bullshit, a vestige of control from hierarchical systems of the past.
Belief systems never had a monopoly on morality, and were/are often anathema to true morality.

Steve Hayes said...


The film is based on the book Northern lights by Philip Pullman. If you haven't read it, perhaps you should, to get the philosophy of the author. Read also the sequels, The subtle knife and The amber spyglass. Even though it's downhill all the way from the first book, and it ends with a huge anticlimax.

James Higham said...

Firstly, Anon, I did read through it and it doesn't alter my basic premise, which stands.

Cherie and Steve - the comment was on the film, of course.