Sunday, October 26, 2008

[thought for the day] sunday evening

I am too much of a sceptic to deny the possibility of anything.
- T.H. Huxley [1886]

Dedicated to Anonymous


CherryPie said...

Have an open mind and believe anything is possible until proved otherwise!

Anonymous said...


Sean Jeating said...

Good one, Sir; and I do like seeing Anon smiling at it. :)


What a fabulous quote.

CalumCarr said...


Anonymous said...

Sean, why is it good to see me smiling at it??

Do you think I am smiling at the insult to me that james delivered in a recent post?

No Sean, I am smiling at his stupidity.

He is too stupid to see the difference between the world of Caesar,, or Mohamed, or whatever crap he currently espouses, and the real world.

He is too stupid to realise that "Religion is the opiate of the masses", and yes, I have the autobiography of the author of that statement with me as I type.

He is too enthralled in his own greatness, that he presumes to judge me, my education, and my background, and then pronounce "holier than thou" crap which is his conclusions of such, having absolutely no knowledge of such!

For F*cks sake the man has beans between his ears.

He should apologize to the entire humanity for the billions of extremely painful deaths that an insistence on religion, of whatever sort, has wrought upon our species, let alone the abject poverty, the suppression of science and progress, and the downright destruction of knowledge accrued painfully over eons.

Further more, if that is his belief system, he has to prove it viable if he wishes to stick it up everyones craw, which he has signally failed to do, and he also has to demonstrate why he insistes, in the face of ALL HISTORICAL RECORD, that "faith, hope, and charity and love yada, yada," - are the sole preserve of religion, since he insists on claiming they are!
The historical facts POINT TO THE CONTRARY.

No, Sean, I am smiling because the man is a fool.
And he is too foolish to recognise that he is a fool, too locked up in his own opiate.

Too foolish in his frenetic blogging to realise I am trying to tell him about a far greater conspiracy than those he likes to write about, a conspiracy where the opiate of religion, in all its guises, plays but a small part, maybe 3%, a conspiracy 4.6Billion years old that resides in the "fine structure constant", and the "freedom of movement of electrons about a nucleus", that was known to the Egyptians, and the Greeks, (Proclus wrote about it), of cellular links between here, and to the Dog star and others, in the Orion constellation, (maybe you have caught a hint) which were also known to the Egyptians. I have spoken repeatedly about frequencies, (once again known to the Sumerians, and Egyptians, and to certain english tribes, and the current state suppression of these entire knowledge fields, and their weaponisations proceeding.

I have given so many clues, the man must be blind!

But then again, he isn't, - he has been blinded by his consumption of the opiate, which demands blind faith, a repudiation of every other argument, and a judgement of every other opinion to be inferior to his own.

He is drunk on his opiate, and there is no hope of a cure.

And with that, I will now take my leave.

You have style, but sometimes you read things wrong.
And this isn't the first time.
I have no argument with you.

Will our species ever make the leap that is there for the taking, while strongly holding Ariadne's twine?

The Chances are slim.



What are you blinded by that you do not see your athiest views are not justification to come to someone else's blog and abuse them in the most foul manner, simply because you disagree with his RIGHT to have differing opinions to you!?

How ironoic that you infer he is blinded by arrogance for having an unshaken faith in his religion,as you, yourself, arrogantly criticize him from your unwavering athiest position.

YOU are blind, arrogant and have 'beans between YOUR ears' if you don't recognize that...

1. Religion does not cause the mayhem you describe. SOME people choose to interpret/exploit religious script to perpetuate evilness borne of their own desire to create mayhem with religion being their convenient justification.

2. The human brain has not evolved to it's fullest extend nor is utilized to it's maximum to understand things which seemingly defy explanation.That does not mean that, that which we can't understand /explain is non existent.

3.Your over- zealousness in shoving your atheism down our throats , insitent that YOU are right is just as arrogant, ignorant and stupid as the overly religious push -of which I would not accuse James of being or doing.

*YOU are also blinded by the irony of your own statements regarding this.

4. Aside from your self -declared superior knowledge,you don't recognize your own arrogance which is nothing short of ABUSE/degradation and oppression that you allegedly claim are the evils of religion?

'... I am trying to tell him about a far greater conspiracy ...'

'...He is too enthralled in his own greatness, that he presumes to judge me, my education...'

'...He is too stupid to realise that..'

Are you seeing what we are seeing or are you too blinded by your own arrogance?

Here's my favourite...
'....Too foolish in his frenetic blogging...'

YOUR frenetic comments usually far surpass James' longest posts.

So GOOD FOR YOU that you don't need to use religion as a justification for your blinded arrogance,hypocricy, abuse, and unwavering judgements of people who exercise the right to have faith in whatever religion they choose and rights to have differing opinions to you!